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Guess what we did with the Free Teeth Whitening Banner?

Sept. 18, 2006     Every  year the staff and I put up a stand at the biggest street fair Brooklyn has to offer during the 3rd week in September. The fair is called the
                          the Atlantic Antic because it's on Atlantic Avenue. A million people attend.  This "street" fair or "avenue" fair to be more exact, stretches
                          more than a  mile long with music, food and vendors selling "you name it."  Now understand, in Brooklyn, more than 125 languages are spoken,
                          so you can imagine the diversity of folk who come their to  parade themselves up and down the avenue.  This Sunday was simply beautiful and
                          as I was feeling happy as clam at high tide I passed the hours from 9-5 away being social as the crowd flowed by us.  You can see the new banner
                          I added to the main banner. About 150 people stopped at the table so I am please to say we had a very pleasant day. Aside from the potential
                          new patients I encountered, I had the great pleasure of having many of my old patients past and present drop in in to say hello. 
                          Post Script: Today is very special because my wife's daughter Dana gave birth to Gabriel Dominick, a boy 7lb, 2oz and 20 inches, 1:42  pm
                          Brussels time.