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No doctor ever loved his work more than I. Just think about the happiness that is represented by your smile, and the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of times you will flash that smile across your lifetime. Behold  my "signature" indelibly inscribed in your face.  It is not without justification that I am proud of my profession and the happiness that the smile I helped to fashion  brings to you and those who are fortunate enough to have you bestow it upon.

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A NOTE FROM DR. ROTHSTEIN: Dr. Rothstein has been practicing Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics in Brooklyn Heights since 1976. A member of the American Association of Orthodontists who has treated more than 6000 patients, "Dr. Ted" (as his patients fondly refer to him) is also a teacher, author, inventor, writer, and film maker. His public service films, which deal with various health related subject matter, can be seen on www.YouTube.com. In addition to providing traditional metal braces, his unique skills include mastery as a provider of cosmetic tooth-straightening appliances including Clear, Lingual and Invisalign braces, since they were first offered to the public in the late '1980's. He  invented OJW®.  (orthodontic jaw wiring for weight loss) and is the sole provider of this service in the country. Dr. Rothstein's web site (www.drted.com) can always be found in Google searches on page because of its currency and diverse and rich content. A PhD in Physical Anthropology with a specialty in  Dento-facial growth and development of children age 10-14, highly qualifies Dr. Rothstein as a provider for problematic or difficult cases.  You have only to read Dr. Rothstein's resume to realize his extensive expertise and capabilities which assures you that you are choosing a seasoned professional who will provide you with the best care possible.  November 14, 2011  "A beautiful smile is a priceless asset."

K.H. RESPONDS EXUBERENTLY TO INQUIRY FROM DR TED ONE WEEK INTO OJW July 14, 2013: I have been working so many hours that I have rarely been
on my computer!! I feel fantastic....it was my intention to reach out to you and let you know how I've been feeling...and the answer is
GREAT...FANTASTIC...LOVELY!!! I don't have a huge appetite, but I make sure that I don't skip meals. I have smoothies, grits, farina, mashed potatoes,
mashed yams, some creamed soups, and BABY FOOD deserts, etc....and usually get full before I'm done!... drink copious amounts of water...as well as
crystal lite, and some gatorade (not too much because of the high sodium content). I don't feel light headed nor am I dragging. I had a slight headache the
second day, and felt a little sluggish....but then again I worked an avg. of 12-14 hours everyday this past week. I can't thank you enough for providing
 this service for those of us who do not want or do not qualify for surgery! I promise to do better in keeping you posted. Again, thank you! KH

Kendrick Chery
January 29, 2013
Prior to getting braces, I was a bit nervous about the entire process until I met Dr. Ted and staff. When I visit the office, the customer service experience is and has been outstanding. Staff is always professional, understanding  and caring. There is something special about Dr. Ted and his staff. Thank you Dr. Ted for an awesome experience, professionalism and for giving me the opportunity to smile with perfect teeth. Love, Kendrick.
Aygul Islamova
January 28, 2013

Dr. Ted is an expert in his field with thirty-six years of experience at 35 Remsen street in Brooklyn Heights! Dr. Ted played a key role in the decision that changed my life. I had difficult case where I needed both orthodontic treatment and facial jaw bone reconstructive surgery for my overbite and cross-bite. This was something I wanted to do since I was a little girl because I was very unhappy with the way I looked. Dr. Ted made me feel very comfortable and explained all the risk and benefits of my treatment. Working in conjunction with the oral surgeon he prepared my teeth for the oral surgery. After the surgical phase was healed he finished the second phase of orthodontic treatment as planned. Besides being extremely knowledgeable and talented, Dr. Ted and his team care for their patients and make every visit as comfortable and pleasant as possible. I am very happy with the result and the way I look and feel about myself. Thank you Dr. Ted!

January 8, 2013

Hi Dr, Ted. Thanks for giving me my smile of confidence back! Not only do I thank you, but my teeth thank you too, every single moment of every day.
Best regards, ;-)
Linda Miller
Dr. Ted Rothstein has changed my life forever for the better! Thanks to his skills and expertise as an orthodontist, I now have a smile worth smiling for.
Teeth which were crowded and crooked in my mouth are now straight and lovely and no longer do I feel embarrassed about smiling, singing or laughing. I show off my smile every chance I get and often get compliments on how 'pretty' my smile is and you know what?...They're right!!! 
Thanks Dr. Ted Rothstein, you're the best!--  Thank you Linda ! I am so happy to have "my" smile grace your face. You are wonderful performer (Jazz blues singer
and pianist) and I look forward to seeing you perform again. Dr. Ted :-)

January 3, 2013

Orthodontic Professionalism:  Doing any type of business with Dr. Ted Rothstein, whether it be oral surgery, oral reconstruction, or simple dental maintenance and whitening.....is an experience reminiscent of the days when medical professionals cared for their patents and were more concerned with quality than quantity.
Dr. Ted's smile (he has great teeth, by the way!) and sense of humor will help customers feel comfortable in an otherwise uneasy situation.
Dr. Ted's prices are some of the best, considering the average price for dental procedures in the modern day market! Compare his prices to those of other Dental professionals.
The office staff is very courteous and competent in handling all matters. They are friendly in person and over the phone. Here's a staff that doesn't bring their personal lives into the work environment! Professionalism is as important for the staff as it is for their boss.
Thank you Dr. Ted for your exceptional service, your encouragement, your flexible pricing, and--most of all--for giving me a great smile!
--T. P. McDaniels

December 29:

Matt D reviewed in the last week
Quality Excellent
Dr. Ted is an incredible orthodontist. I just completed treatment last week and couldn't be happier with the results. Not only did I finish well under the original estimate but my teeth look better than I ever could have expected. The office is very relaxed and not once did I ever have to wait more than a couple minutes. They are very flexible with appointments too - weekends, early mornings, evenings - more than accommodating. Most importantly, Dr. Ted seems to genuinely care about his patients and will work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want out of your treatment. His staff are awesome too. Brian, the technician, is especially great. He always takes the time to answer questions and is super friendly. You can tell he really knows his stuff. I absolutely recommend Dr. Ted without reservation – you won't be disappointed.
November 8, 2011: From D. E.: With Sincere Thanks... "Thank you for your hospitality. You give a person genuine individual attention. Your hospitality goes further than commercial advertisement. Your website and resume are so impressive. Sincerely, D.E."

September 24, 2011: Posted on Yelp.com:
I visited Dr. Rothstein for a second-opinion consultation regarding braces which I had for two years.  He was fair in pointing out what my doctor got right and what my doctor could do better.  Dr. Rothstein is very patient and enjoys exchanging with clients about their concerns.  He is a very warm and affable person.  He also took the time to call my doctor to advise how my treatment should proceed henceforth.  The second-opinion consultation fee was $75 dollars. It was well worth it.
Marcos T. 

August 12, 2011:  Hi Dr. Rothstein,
      I was so pleased after leaving your office Thursday afternoon I decided to send you and your kind staff an email.
 After struggling with my braces for over 5 years, moving for different reasons and had to change orthodontists at least 3 times.  I found your office because I wanted to finally have them removed, initially i was very frustrated because I thought i have had it with braces discomfort, costs and orthodontics in general.  However visiting your office I am of an entirely different view,  I was absolutely blown away by your service,  your staff were warm and friendly and the ambiance was great.
      I want to thank you firstly for removing my braces and giving me my retainers at such short notice in under 2 hours, i am extremely satisfied with the result I feel like a new person. Thank you also for removing the tads/temporary bridges free of cost, and saving me the trouble of an additional visit and additional expenses, your are heaven sent. 
     I want to commend your very warm and friendly staff, say hi to Brian and Jenny for me, i feel like i have know them forever even though it was my first visit . In addition I must say your office is in a very tranquil location and inside was exceptional I love the decor it improved my spirit and I definitely did not leave feeling the way i felt when i came in. I had an overall great experience, made me felt sorry it had to be my last visit.
     This experience has renewed my faith in orthodontics and made me feel like the years of pain and torture was all worth it.
 Once again, THANK YOU! 

May 19. 2011: Hi Dr. Rothstein.  This is Erwin.  I came in this morning for orthodontics consultation.  I just would like to say thank you.  I am so so happy I found you in Brooklyn.  Excellent orthodontics are hard to find in NYC.  I can't wait for you to start my case.  Again, thank you.  Sincerely, Erwin  T.

April 5, 2011 OJW patient having achieved her goal weight requests her orthodontic jaw wiring be removed and writes in glowing terms of her experience. The
description of her experience amounts to nothing less than a STANDING OVATION for the staff and myself.  [Read her note, my response, and the description of her experience]


Natalie is an Orthodontic Jaw Wiring patient  whose OJW I started about 6 months ago. She was so happy with this method of weight control that she wrote:
you can always give my number to potential or current OJW patients"
n a message dated 8/7/2010 3:17:25 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, Natalie4XXXXXXX@aol.com writes:

Hi Dr Ted
Natalie here. Still maintaining 150/152 pounds. PCP and plastic surgeon told me not to lose anymore weight or my thighs and behind would sag and then I would need a body/thigh lift. Going to have a tummy tuck August 20 with lipo of the upper arms and inner thighs (the areas that were resistant to diet and exercise)
Pray for me.
PS:                                         remember you can always give my number to potential or current ojw patients

I Sent my three kids for orthodontic treatment to Dr. Ted Rothstein on 35 Remsen St. and now my little girl needs braces. Guess where i'm sending her? He is a warm and cordial person who you will take to the moment you meet him. He's very thorough and  attentive to creating a smile you will love for a lifetime. My kids love him. Moreover, his resume is remarkable and as you will read there he is thoroughly versed in all the kinds of braces currently being taught in modern orthodontic schools. Check around and you won't find another orthodontist with a PhD in a topic directly related to his field. He's got my vote.
Comment from Rabbi Aaron Ravraskin@aol.com (B'nai Avraham Synagogue) Posted to the Brooklynheightsblog.com  June 11, 2010:

My experience with Dr. Ted Rothstein has been terrific. His fees are reasonable, and he is always accessible and extremely pleasant and professional. Best of all, he has done a wonderful job with my orthodontics and is finishing the job in  much less time than was originally estimated.  I  recommend him highly. --Tracey Harden (lingual braces). April 5, 2010

Mar 9, 2010

I am now on month 4 in my braces journey and I literally cannot remember the last time I enjoyed time passing this much! Every night I look into the mirror to examine the transformation my smile is going through. It's such a rewarding experience to see new tiny, yet visually observable changes in the alignment of my teeth. I wanted to thank you for your hard work--I'm so glad that I chose a doctor who had an innovative approach to my treatment plan! My experiences at your office have been nothing but extremely positive, from the kind and friendly staff to your patient guidance during my visits.
Thank you and see you next week!
Best, S.T. 
March 9, 2010

 Hi Dr. Ted, I am currently writing you from sunny Arizona. My husband is still in Iraq (25 months). I decided to move to where he will be working once he comes home. I cant ever thank you enough for helping me lose the 50 pounds and keeping it off almost 2 full years! I’m loving this lifestyle and am actually going to try to lose another 10 pounds. If I do I do.. If not well then I don’t. Without you i would never have been able to get my eating under control. All that I have been through ( success, happiness) Its still not as rewarding as feeling this damn good about myself. Thanks again to you and your staff. P.s. I had my brackets removed for some time now., but  I still pretend they are there. Every single overweight person has the power to do this without any harsh horrible life threatening surgery! Thank you again. Apryl Copenhaver   11/8/2009     Orthodontic Jaw Wiring



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Dr. Ted
January 1, 2014

Ted Rothstein   DDS   PhD  
Specialist in Cosmetic Orthodontics
and Dentofacial Orthopedics
Adults and Children
Specialist in Orthodontic Jaw Wiring

American Association of Orthodontists
Life-active Member
35 Remsen St., Bklyn, NY 11201
718 852 1551    Fx 718 852 1894
June 11, 2010