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Brooklyn Orthodontist Dr. Ted Rothstein Initiates Use of QR Barcode to Inform Patients

QR (Quick Response), 2-Dimensional Barcode) AKA "Matrix" Barcode

 If you have the QR scanning app on your mobile phone (free) and you scan the QR Barcode, my mobile website, mobile.drted.com will appear.

URL  QR Barcode


These are called QR Bar Codes. You can obtain them free.  I got mine from  http://beqrious.com/qr-code-generator/  (beqrious.com)
There are 11 kinds of QR's:
URL, Email, Phone, Text, Vcard, SMS,  Text message, Youtube, FacebookProfile, TwitterProfile, Map, Graphical.
The two you see above are identical. In order to generate my QR 1. I was asked to choose which type I wanted. The one above has encoded
with the URL of my mobile website: http://www.mobile.drted.com.  2. I had to type in the address of my mobile URL. 3. Choose a color 4. Choose a size: S, M, L. Then all I had to do was click on the "DownLoad" box and voila it appeared on the screen. After that I was able to copy and paste it
into a Word document.  You have only to open any magazine and see that almost every ad has a QR barcode embedded in it. Sometimes they are hard to see because they look like pretty designs and some may be less than the size of a stamp.

In the photos below you can see that I placed one on the front door of the office and on the sign post in the court yard of my office location.
I did this because Remsen street is the street that leads down to the Promenade offering one of the most spectacular views of New York Harbor,
the financial business district in Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge, consequently, many, many pedestrians pass bye my office.
It is likely that some may notice the office and recognize that there is QR for them to obtain further information about the office.

All they have to do with their Smart phones/Iphone/Ipod/IttDroid is take a photo/scan the QR using a free app that scans QR's and Lo and Behold
my mobile website appears on their mobile phone. If I had wanted them to see my videos on YouTube I would have chosen the YouTube type QR and
it would have generated the site where my videos are, etc., etc.

Ps:  If you do a Google search for "URL shortener"  (http://goo.gl/) You can paste in a long URL and Google will supply you with a mini-version of it and supply you with a unique QR which is trackable (i.e. how many times it was scanned).  Moreover, you can enlarge the QR image from any number
of pixels from 100x100 to 500x500 pixels.

On the sign post in the courtyard



On the entrance door

May 23, 2012

Ted Rothstein DDS PhD  
Specialist in Cosmetic Orthodontics
and Dentofacial Orthopedics
Adults and Children
Specialist in Orthodontic Jaw Wiring

American Association of Orthodontists
35 Remsen St., Bklyn, NY 11201
718 852 1551   www.drted.com