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Brooklyn Orthodontist Ted Rothstein is PROCHOICE. Consequently when you come for a consultation he will show a rich variety of braces you can choose from. A new addition to the pantheon of braces he offers is Avair SL (self ligating) a product being offered by the NEXAdental company, a well-known and respected company of orthodontic supplies.  Nowadays bracket must be "Aesthetic" i.e., almost invisible to the casual observer. THIS IS WHAT ADULTS WANT THE MOST.

.... However the orthodontist needs braces that are easy to work with and have precision for straightening the teeth almost AS IF BY MAGIC "built-in" We say "Premeasured". I say "robotic" because all the orthodontist has to do is place a wire and the bracket "tells" the tooth where to go. a bracket that is easy to place on the tooth accurately is
highly desired.Moreover, a bracket that permits/facilitates
placing and removing a wire (which is what straightens the
teeth --along with elastics) is even more in demand. Such is
the new Avair SL brackets.

Yes simply click the wire into the slot. (The slot you see smack in the center of the bracket).  Looks easy. It is easy. If you want you can wrap a tiny elastic  (with color if you want) around the bracket for even better control of the movement of the tooth. Here is a closer look at the bracket--what you call
the "brace".
Following will come photos of the use of these bracket in an actual case.  

March 12, 2011

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