Small Claims Court: Brooklyn

141 Livingston St./Cor. Jay St.

 (347) 404 9021 (legal advice not provided)

 File a Claim: 9th Fl.

$15 up to $1000; $20 above $1000

Maximum: $5000

 File online:

 Court Room: 3rd Fl.

6:30 Pm, Mon. Thurs.

 Ted Rothstein, DDS, PhD  
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Cost to file a Notice of Claim when the amount you are claiming for is less than $1,000:                    $15.00

Cost to file a Notice of Claim when the amount you are claiming for is between $1,000- $5,000:     $20.00

Cost to file a Counterclaim:      $5.41

Cost to file a Commercial Claim up to $5,000:   $30.62

Cost to file against a 3rd party in a commercial Claim:   $5.62

Cost for each additional party in a commercial claim you want to claim against:     $5.62

Cost for a Certificate of disposition of judgment:   $6.00

Cost for Certifications of Document:     $6.00

Cost for a Transcript of Judgment:     $15.00

Cost for a Notice of Appeal:     $15.00

Cost for a Jury demand (only the defendant can demand a trial by jury)     $70.00

Cost for an Information Subpoena (obtainable only after winning a judgment)  to help you locate the "Judgment Debtor's" assets:  $2.00 per information is served on the entity that may have information about the judgment debtor's assets, i.e., a bank. There may be a maximum of 3-4 issued at each appearance before the clerk's window.

Cost for a Subpoena for Records ("Subpoena Duces Tecum", pronounced doo'kes tee'kum) This Subpoena is obtained after you have verified that the your Notice of Claim has been served on the defendant. It used when you want documents that you know or believe the defendant possesses and want them to produce THOSE DOCUMENTS on the night of your court hearing or before for you to examine to help support your claim.  Cost is $0.00. IT CANNOT BE SERVED BY MAIL.

September 2, 2007