Subj: re problems with invisalign braces 
Date: 10/9/2002 3:58:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: S. P
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May 29, 2002  (Read 10/8)
To Whom It May Concern:
Re: Invisalign Braces
For the first month or more of wearing my invisalign braces my mouth was very sore.  The underside of my tongue was rubbed raw and my gums were being cut by the braces.  After this time the braces felt more comfortable.  During this period of time, I noticed that when I had the braces in my mouth, I would begin to cough and my throat would feel as if I had a sore throat.  When I would take them out for a while, which I did often in the beginning because of the pain, I found that my coughing and sore throat would subside.  I began to think that the plastic was degassing  (giving of trace gases ) in my mouth.  I have taken to soaking my braces for two weeks before using the new set.  This practice has helped with the sore throat and coughing.  I have also noticed that my mouth and lips remain extremely dry while wearing the braces.  I correct this by drinking lots of  water and applying Chapstick to my lips. 

I hope that you will review these issues because I am concerned with the type of plastic being used for invisalign braces.  Perhaps you could compose a questionnaire for the users of invisalign to help you recognize and correct these and other problems that may be occurring due to your product. 

S.  P-L.

10/10/02 Note from Dr. Ted:


S. P-L., as you can read above, solved the  problems she encountered  herself.  She urged me not to leave the reader with the impression that she was anything less than pleased by the results of the Invisalign treatment.   She was surprised that  I would print anything less than a favorable view of Invisalign treatment. Whether this "degassing" was just a quirky "allergic reaction" to the plastic or a common side effect caused by the "aligners"  remains to be seen. 

P.S.  Yesterday clear braces were placed on her teeth to complete details of tooth movement that Invisalign aligners sometimes fail to fully correct. home page     Site Additions     Invisalign info menu   Arrange a Consultatation