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 Jill Nicolini Invisalign

Considerations When Choosing a General Dentist
 to Provide Invisalign Braces 
Think Twice.

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 See film: Invisalign for Teens

Second opinion: My experience using Invisalign is that it is an excellent treatment modality. If you have been advised by an orthodontist or
general dentist that you are not a good candidate for Invisalign, I will be pleased to offer you a free consultation for a second opinion.

Here you see an Invisalign aligner (tray) covering the patient's teeth some of which have ATTACHMENTS bonded on to them.  The tray now looks like it has little bubbles on it. NO BIG DEAL ! My friend Steve made an excellent movie showing how the attachments are bonded ON TO THE TEETH:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pkHI4yyVZk

[Note regarding "attachments"]

Attachments (also called "buttons) are very precisely shaped pieces of clear plastic about the size of this "n" that  the Invisalign company has the  provider  place on  certain teeth to assist the aligners move those teeth in to their correct position over the course of the treatment. They are especially useful for teeth that are badly rotated  (especially circular premolars) or teeth that need to be extruded (like the anteriors in open bite cases), or intruded (like the anteriors in deep bite cases).  Without them the trays lose much of their efficiency and effectiveness in moving the teeth,  You can read all about users experiences with them     Special thanks to Pat Mallon for the URL to  this blog-web site.

Me:  I want invisible braces. I have big vanity issues.
Doc:   Then you want "Cosmetic Braces."
Me:  What are they?
Doc:  Lingual, Invisalign, Clear
Me:  How do they differ?   
Doc: Let me tell you. Follow me.

February 29, 2004
                    having listened to many lectures and attended many conferences on providing the Invisalign service to our patients I decided to let the folks in my town (Brooklyn, NY ...population 2,465,326...) that the Invisalign service was firmly rooted in Dr. Ted's practice. See the new ad we placed in the Brooklyn Yellow pages for the first time February 26, 2004.  See new Yellow pages ad.

You will be pleased to find the answers to many, many questions about Invisalign at: http://www.invisalign.com

October 16, 2001

See note from Dr. Ted Below; scroll down to see letters from other patients

Invisalign Worked for Me and Has Changed My Life!

It Can Work for You Too!
Jill Nicolini

See Jill's photo and resume

Jill can be seen Daily on channel 11 (WPIX)

Dear Dr. Ted,

I must first start off by saying THANK YOU for my NEW SMILE! As a patient of yours for a little over a year now, I honestly don’t know how to thank you. I have never been happier with my new smile and owe it all to you, your staff, and of course Invisalign.

When I was younger my dentist told me I didn’t need braces and therefore I thought I was so lucky. While all my friends would be embarrassed to smile with their silver teeth, I was always smiling big and proud. I was always eager to show off my "pearly, straight

teeth." But, as I got older my teeth started to shift and they became mildly crooked.

Now I wished back to those days in my childhood when I could have been a part of the "metal mouth" clan. At least I would have fit in.

Now as an adult, I was faced with a completely different challenge. I already had a career as a model, actress and radio personality. If I were to get braces now, how could I possibly still have a career, how would people treat me, would people make fun of me? Braces on the front my teeth would change my appearance, my speech, self-esteem and my career. But, I wasn’t happy with my smile and began to research what I could do to change this.

About two years ago I finally sat down at my computer and began researching braces online. I already knew about metal and clear braces; since they would be noticeable, I immediately ruled them out. Then I discovered lingual braces, which are actually concealed behind your teeth. But, there were numerous side effects such as possible slurred speech and discomfort. I thought this might be the solution so I did a search on dentists and found Dr. Ted’s web page. I called the office to set up a consultation and although Dr. Ted’s office was in Brooklyn and I lived in Long Island, I knew the trip would be worth it.

When I arrived at Dr. Ted’s I was greeted with a very friendly and helpful staff. When I was in the waiting room I happened to pick up a brochure entitled Invisalign. It talked about wearing removable braces, but was that really possible? When I met Dr. Ted we discussed my concerns and options. I told him I was interested in lingual braces but worried about my speech. I work on the air at a radio station and if my voice were affected I wouldn’t have a job. This was a possible side effect and of course each patient would react differently, but I couldn’t take the chance.

Then I asked Dr. Ted about Invisalign and he told me it was all in the beginning stages of development but yes it was true, they were removable clear braces! First you would have to take impressions of your mouth and then Invisalign uses advanced computer technology to make precisely fitted aligners. Then I would need to wear these aligners all the time (except while eating and drinking) and every two weeks you would put on the next set.

This was a miracle! Was it really true that my appearance and speech would remain the same? Well if no one was able to see them because they are clear and I could always take them out, I guess it was really true! Even though I would have to drive almost two hours to see Dr. Ted, I knew it would be worth it. How could I go wrong with Dr. Ted? He has been serving his patients for over 25 years, he is a professor in the post-graduate orthodontic department at New York University’s Dental school and most importantly his genuine kindness, personality and his hospitality is like no other dentist I know. Trust me, when you walk into his office you will see this for yourself. His whole staff is just as kind and your always welcome like your part of the family.

Yes of course I was nervous being a "guinea pig" to this new technology, but I knew there have already been successful case studies. So do you want to know what it was really like? The fitting for the aligners was not painful at all. The next step was to await my aligners. When we received them, it turned out that I need 23 aligners for my top teeth and 25 aligners for my bottom teeth. So this would mean I would only need to use Invisalign for less than a year! I also needed these things called attachments, which I had no idea what they were for. Dr. Ted had to put these cement like squares (which matched the color of my teeth and were almost non-existent) on 6 of my teeth in order to help the teeth turn properly. This worried me because I thought you could see them in pictures but, it turns out you could only see them if you were very close to me.

After the first few aligners I admit it became a little painful. But, in a good way! Every new set of aligners you feel pressure the first few days because they are turning your teeth and this does hurt. But, after the first week there is almost no pain and you have another week just to make sure the teeth set. Then after the two weeks you put the next aligners in and begin the same process. I mentioned it was a "good pain" which is true. You can actually feel your teeth moving little by little and see the difference with each set! It didn’t bother me because one day I knew I would have straight perfect teeth…

so to me it was considered a "good pain." I spoke to everyone I knew who had regular braces and they said they experienced the same pain. They described the discomfort as when they had to go to their dentists to tighten their wires.

Well, it’s now over a year that I started and my teeth are so beautiful! I thought I would be embarrassed to tell people about my teeth but I ended up being proud and bragged about my aligners! I would always pop them out and show people because they were curious and never heard about them. Then after I was half way done with my aligners Invisalign commercials began to air on television and people started to call me. Now after seeing the ads for themselves everyone suddenly became interested. I actually had two friends who started using Invisalign because I recommended it to them!

Remember I was able to do everything I used to do…modeling, acting, being on the radio and I even began reporting at a news station. Also, it’s been a lucky year for me ever since my new smile was complete. I became a dancer for the New York Dragons Arena Football Team, I became Ms. New York American United States 2001 and placed 1st Runner-up at the National Ms. American United States Pageant in Orlando this past summer. Also, I am competing to become Miss New York USA this coming fall! To be honest with you my new smile gave me more self-confidence and self-esteem both on stage and in real life.

Now I get compliments about my teeth all the time and instead of just saying thank you, I tell them that my teeth weren’t always like this and that I owe it all to Invisalign. I am not embarrassed about my smile anymore and will never be. To everyone reading this please trust me on this one…Invisalign is totally worth it! I will recommend it and stand by it forever. If you have any questions and would like to hear more about my experience with Invisalign, I would be more than happy to speak with you. When you visit with Dr. Ted, tell him you would like to speak with me and I’m sure he’ll arrange it.

I want to thank you Dr. Ted and your staff once again for everything. I hope you enjoyed my "Invisalign Experience" story and I hope that you share it with others!

Sincerely, (with my new and improved smile)

Jill Nicolini J    

Note from Dr. Ted:

We decided that Jill was the perfect poster child for Invisalign who as yet does not have a spokesperson, no less a poster child. We nominated her to the powers that make such awesome decisions at Invisalign in hopes that they will see the light that is "Jill Nicolini." As far as we are concerned, she is our office's spokesperson and poster child. She sent us letter on  a more personal note with her picture. [See Jill's note]


Shannon Chavez

Hello!  My name is Shannon Chavez and I am writing to describe my positive experience with Invisalign.  My goal was to close the main space between my two upper front teeth and the smaller spaces around surrounding teeth.  After taking molds, invisalign sent back 17 upper and 13 lower aligners to complete this job.  (There was another problem with one of my molars seriously out of alignment, but invisalign was not able to correct that problem.)
       At two weeks for each aligner, the treatment time was much quicker that I expected.  In the beginning it took awhile to get used to having all of that plastic in my mouth, but it did not interfere with my speech.  Though one of the students that I teach noticed my new "invisible braces" my co-workers detected nothing.  Even after I told them, they said they couldn't tell that I was wearing them.  I was a bit self-conscious about the condensation that formed inside the aligners.  This would usually occur the first couple of days with a new aligner, before my teeth had the chance to move into the position.  My fiance assured me that the condensation was practically undetectable.  A few days of soreness would occur with most of my aligners.  Sometimes I wouldn't even experience any soreness and only once was it extremely painful to the point where I didn't want to eat for 3 days. 
       The fact that aligners must be removed before eating is inconvenient when you're not in the privacy of your own home as is the brushing that must occur after every snack or meal.  If you don't brush your teeth and aligners 95% of the time they will get a nasty film on them.  I did not, however, find that drinking tea or soda with them on tinted them at all. 
       So overall I recommend using Invisalign.  The one serious drawback - The Price!

February 25, 2002

Terri Gurrieri-Korolev

June 22, 2003

Dear Dr. Ted and staff,

I began using Invisalign about 17 months ago and I am already done with my treatment and enjoying my new smile!  Although I should have had braces as a teenager, I never did.  During my mid-twenties I began seriously thinking about correcting the over-crowding of both my upper and lower teeth.  Although I knew I wanted to correct my teeth, I was reluctant to commit to braces and did not go for a consultation with Dr. Ted until I knew about Invisalign

After visiting Dr. Ted for my consultation, I knew that if I decided to try Invisalign that I would try it with him.  From my first to my last visit I found both Dr. Ted and his staff to be friendly, understanding and helpful – beyond any Dr’s office I have ever gone to.  During my first consultation, Dr. Ted informed me that I would be a great candidate for Invisalign but I might have to wear clear braces for a few month after my Invisalign treatment was complete – to help correct what Invisalign might not be able to correct on its own.  I almost backed out because of my fear of eventually having braces but Dr. Ted assured me that Invisalign would be able to do most of the job and that if I had to wear braces in the end it would only be for a short time.  After some thought and discussions with my fiancé, I made my first appointment at Dr. Ted’s office and had my molds taken for Invisalign.

I’ll admit that at first it was a little hard to get used to wearing the retainers – it is always a bit painful the first 2-4 days of wearing a new retainer and having to go to the restroom every time I wanted to eat or go to a restaurant was a cumbersome experience at times.  It also took several months to notice a difference in my teeth and that was a little exasperating at first.  However, the retainers did not affect my speech at all and when I began noticing that my teeth were actually shifting and becoming straight I became very enthusiastic about wearing them!  The best thing about Invisalign was that nobody ever noticed when I was wearing my retainers.  I even kept it from my friends for the first few weeks to see if anyone would notice my retainers on their own – and nobody did! 

At the end of my Invisalign treatment I did need to get clear braces on both my top and bottom teeth.  Because I had more retainers for my bottom teeth, I first got the braces on my top teeth, followed several weeks later by braces on the bottom.  It was definitely an adjustment getting used to clear braces because it is a bit more painful than retainers and of course there is no option to remove them before you eat.  They can also irritate the inside of your mouth, but using wax usually diminishes most of the discomfort. 

In the end, the clear braces were only on my top teeth for about 8 weeks and the bottom for about 12.  Now that I am done with my treatment I cannot believe that I waited so many years to go through with it.  Knowing that with Invisalign I would only have to wear clear braces for a matter of weeks as opposed to more than a year really helped me go through with it.  Therefore, if Invisalign is right for you, I highly recommend it!  Today, I feel like I smile all the time and am not ashamed to laugh out loud and smile at will.  I truly feel like a new person and I owe it all to Invisalign as well as Dr. Ted and his staff!   


Terri Gurrieri-Korolev

Regarding  two Patients who had problems

In a message dated 6/12/2004 5:00:22 PM Eastern Standard Time, betsyb21@msn.com writes:
Hi Dr. Ted,
     I did a Google search "problems with Invisalign" and a question posed to you came up. I had two new crowns installed during Invisalign treatment (had to take new impression for uppers). Ever since I have been dealing with a metallic taste in my mouth. I thought it was because I have so much metal..six crowns...but I think it may have something to do with the Invisalign. Have you heard of such a reaction? I was given a toothpaste that has no flouride but it doesn't help. Also when I drink bottled water it seems to get worse. I'm really suffering My dentist's response "I don't know what to tell you". Thanks so much for your help. Betsy B.betsyb21@msn.com
Dear Betsy,
    I am clueless since the invislaign plastic material is basically inert. Having said that here is what another patient wrote to me:
Re: Invisalign Braces
For the first month or more of wearing my invisalign braces my mouth was very sore.  The underside of my tongue was rubbed raw and my gums were being cut by the braces.  After this time the braces felt more comfortable.  During this period of time, I noticed that when I had the braces (Invisalign) in my mouth, I would begin to cough and my throat would feel as if I had a sore throat.  When I would take them out for a while, which I did often in the beginning because of the pain, I found that my coughing and sore throat would subside.  I began to think that the plastic was degassing  (giving of trace gases ) in my mouth.  I have taken to soaking my braces for two weeks before using the new set.  This practice has helped with the sore throat and coughing.  I have also noticed that my mouth and lips remain extremely dry while wearing the braces.  I correct this by drinking lots of  water and applying Chapstick to my lips. 

I hope that you will review these issues because I am concerned with the type of plastic being used for invisalign braces.  Perhaps you could compose a questionnaire for the users of invisalign to help you recognize and correct these and other problems that may be occurring due to your product. 
Dear Betsy continued...
 It would nice of your "dentist" to at least think of some possibilities since he is right there on the "front lines" so to speak. Of all the tastes that a patient could possibly complain of a metallic taste is the one heard most often (but as far as my experience takes me and I have attended every lecture possible for me to take on the subject of patient-care as relates to Invisalign, I have never heard mention of this problem.  I will forward your description to customer service at Invisalign. They are usually very attentive to such problems and  will no doubt respond to both of us.  In the mean time I will publish your letter on my website in the section on the topic of Invisalign.  Cordially, Dr. Ted Rothstein "VIP" in the delivery of Invisalign treatment.
PS.  You will find a very table of answers to "Frequently Asked Questions" about Invisalign at: http://www.invisalign.com/generalapp/us/en/faq/index.jsp
here is some more contact information:
Customer Support:                           Customersupport@aligntech.com
U.S.A. Headquarters Align Technology, Inc.
881 Martin Avenue
Santa Clara, California 95050
Tel: 408-470-1000
Fax: 408-470-1010
Consumer Inquires Tel: (800)-INVISIBLE
Doctors and Customers
Tel: (888) 82-ALIGN or (888) 822-5446

Invisalign Customer Service respond:

Hello Dr. Rothstein,

I recently had an orthodontist inform me that one of his Invisalign patients complained that the initial aligners caused swelling of the tongue and lips and itchy feeling.
Please find below the reply I received from Align:
"The aligners that we sent to the doctors are disinfected with Sporx treatment. Some patients may be allergic to this disinfectant, but, some may be allergic to the plastic material it self. In order to pinpoint which of this two is causing the reaction, we can offer the doctors to try the sample aligner material, which is basically two sheets of the ex30 plastic that does not have sporx. Once the doctor receives the sample aligner material they can make aligner out of that material and try it on the patient. If the patient doesnt react to this material, we can conclude that, its the disinfectant that was causing the reaction and we can build reminder of the aligners and disinfect them with ultrasonic wash only. But if the patient is reacting to the plastic, then we can offer to build the rest of the aligner with a different material" 
I have never heard of the problem your patient had expressed.
Align Technology, Inc.
ph:  888-817-5019 x 1886
Thank you for contacting Align Technology Customer Support.
Dr. Rothstein-
We have forwarded the below string of emails to our Clinical Team and a staff orthodontist has reviewed them and responded below. Kindly let us know if you or your patients have any further questions or concerns and we will be happy to address them immediately. Thanks!
The fact that the problem only started after she had her crowns done suggests that this may not be related at all to the aligners, but perhaps has something to do with the new crowns. If any of the crowns are touching amalgam or any other metal, a galvanization reaction could be occurring that will cause the patient to feel this metallic taste. This has been extensively documented in the dental literature and has nothing to do with the aligners. To rule out the possibility of this problem being caused by one of the disinfectants used when packing the aligners, Align can send the doctor an untreated sheet of the aligner material for the doctor to vacuum form it in his office using a model taken from the patient. This would rule out any allergies or sensitivity to one of the disinfectants. This sensitivity to the disinfectants could explain the second patient’s story about getting a sore throat and dry mouth and why soaking the aligners in water before wearing them would help prevent that.
If you have any further questions or concerns, please call Customer Support at 888-822-5446 or email customersupport@aligntech.com and we will be happy to assist you.
Invisalign Customer Support

Marty Weiss, age 61 

 A short note to tell everyone and Dr. Ted how I’m doing with my invisaline “Braces”.  I’m just about halfway through.  I’m on my 14th bite plate out of 27.  For those who don’t know how invisaline works…..


            Step #1 – tooth molds and imprints, photos, etc. are taken


            Step #2 – wait about 6 weeks


            Step #3 – 27 Bite Plates delivered with slightly different positions – so by the time I use             my 27th plate, my teeth will be straightened and aligned.  I am to change the bite plates

            every 2 weeks and see Dr. Ted about every 6 weeks to be given 3 new plates.


Half Way – well my impressions are …

            They are definitely working.  My teeth are noticeably straighter and closer to the

            finished look.  My smile is certainly more natural.


            Very easy to use


            Cosmetically?  Well nobody knows I have “Braces” on until I show them.


            Problems? – I wear them all day and night and take them out only to brush my

            teeth and to eat.  Now I don’t eat between meals and have lost some weight.  (the

            Rothstein Invisaline Diet)


            Sometimes by the 2nd weeks of use the Bite Plate feels loose and my speech is a

            little “slurpy”.  Solution ….. If you can dip in ice cold water before using it seems to

            keep the plate tighter.


Finally, I guess I’m not the average brace wearer – I’m 61!  But if anyone has any questions

for me I can be reached at my business … Grand Opticians, 151 Montague Street or stop in to

see my invisaline and me.  They really work!  Thanks Dr. Ted Rothstein.


Martin Weiss

Grand Opticians

February 4, 2005

Dear Dr. Ted,

As I approach my last retainer (#27) I want to thank you and your staff for making my experience with Invisalign a positive one.  In just one year with no visible braces or much discomfort, my teeth are now completely straight and friends and family are noticing the dramatic change!  I was looking at some old photos and it is hard to believe the difference.  I'm ecstatic.  I truly recommend this method of teeth straightening - especially for people like me - 61 years old and not interested in the longer more painful and much less attractive older method.  If anyone has any questions, please stop into Grand Opticians, 151 Montague Street and ask for me - Marty Weiss.  Thanks again Ted.
Marty Weiss

Campbell Foster

I went to Dr. Ted with crooked teeth. I left treatment with straight teeth. Period.
In January, 2003, I had my first consultation at Dr. Ted's office Brooklyn Heights. We decided on a treatment plan involving Invisalign on the top, and clear brackets on the bottom.
The Invisalign "fitting and adjustment" process was easy and straightforward. Like most things in life, you get out of it exactly what you put into it; if you're spending money on orthodontics, listen to Dr. Ted, follow his regiment to a T, and show up for your regular visits. It's not too difficult to manage, and it works.
Treatment went well, but after about eight months, we decided to switch over to lingual-side braces on the top. I had one tooth that had to be moved vertically (as opposed to laterally), and the Invisalign just wasn't doing the trick.
Two months later, the uppers and lowers were completely straight. The one challenging tooth was pulled into place. I was happy.
I can't recommend a more competent or kind orthodontic specialist. The man knows what he's doing: he is courteous, professional, thoughtful, and honest. He and all of his staff are an absolute pleasure to work with.
Thank you, Dr. Ted. I'm smiling again.
Campbell Foster