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The protocol for  the OJW service as illustrated by the case of  NM


The principles and guidelines for providing the Orthodontic Dental Jaw Wiring service for patients who  are medically cleared to Begin a liquid diet and have chosen OJW as an aid to treat the medical problem of overweight and obesity resulting from compulsive overeating.


1. To understand and follow in the sprit  and the definition of the principles of OJW (pat. pending) and the goals and mission of the  DPOJW  as set forth in:


2. To be thoroughly familiar with the Informed Consent before revising its content and substance, and to share with me in a timely way any revisions done to it:  See InfCon in present form: The Informed Consent for OJW as of January 1, 2008.


3. To be sufficiently knowledgeable  with the material in the DPOJW course I created,  and follow in large part its directions and guidelines: See OJW DPOJW Course for Providers of OJW so that one could answer a test in preparation (and help with more questions for this test).


4. To be aware of the controversy that surrounds the use of this method of weight loss by reading: The OJW Round Table Controversy Article in Orthodontic Products Magazine.


4.5 . OJW providers are responsible for the maintenance of the health of the TMJ, dentition and gingiva. We may assist and encourage a would be patient to lose weight, but we are not responsible if the patient does not achieve any of their weight goals or does achieve them, but subsequently regains the weight they lost.


5. To serve if requested on the board of directors of the DPOJW an organization to further promote knowledge of the method of OJW for weight control in the lay and professional world.


6. To gather from time to time (ideally once per year) as providers at a  meeting to speak and share knowledge.


7. Will document all cases in a common way to be agreed on and created by charter members using the models that have already been created, See: Directory/index of all OJW pages on this site;  help to create a shared database of patients treated.


7.5 We will gather data from the patients we provided OJW to see how they fared with specific reference to the health of their teeth, gums and jaw joints.  Take a look at the survey I completed. Please feel free to offer any ideas you have that might improve it. See: OJW QUESTIONNAIRE SURVEY:


8. Will always have a current dental license and  will  provide the service in accordance with his/her states rules and regulations for dentists.


9. Will promote by word and deed the furtherance of the OJW method.


10. Will acknowledge in an appropriate way as to the source of all the material regarding OJW.


11. Will refer to the position of the mouth placed in OJW as "Rothstein's OJW position of rest".


12. Member agrees to indemnify, defend and hold any other member, and each of its related persons, harmless of and from any claim, damage, liability, loss, cost or expense, or any other liability of every nature, kind and description whatsoever, including acts or liabilities to third persons incurred or suffered by member or any of their relationship persons by reason of or resulting from or arising out of (i) any failure of member to fulfill or to otherwise properly perform its obligations under his or her role as a member, (ii) any negligence, willful misconduct or dishonesty of member, or any person acting on behalf of, through or at memberís direction, in connection with the performance of memberís obligations under his or her role as a member, or (iii) the infringement of any intellectual property rights of any person resulting from the provision of the membership pursuant to this Agreement. The foregoing indemnification shall survive termination of his or her role as a member."


July 8, 2006