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Dr. Ted Presents:  MANIZ and EVA Get Their Braces off...Surprise!

April 24, 2009

Dear Maniza and Eva

When we are filming tomorrow morning  just be the nice persons that you are. REMEMBER THIS IS NOT LIVE SO IF YOU ARE HAVING A PROBLEM WITH A QUESTION YOU CAN JUST SAY LET EVA/MANIZA ANSWER THAT QUESTION FIRST AND THEN IF YOU WANT TO RESPOND AFTER YOU CAN  This is a chat so you can to talk to each other as well. Indeed you can even ASK ME QUESTIONS.  IF you want you can even look at the camera and talk to the audience.  Patrick can help you if you have any problems during the shoot. If  he thinks something is wrong he will stop filming by saying "cut" and redo the "take" You will love yourselves when you see the final product. I love you, Thank you so much for being my guests on Dr. Ted Presents:  XXOO
Did you go see the film I posted on YouTube entitled removing braces
How old are you
What made you decide to get braces
How long have you been wearing braces
How long did it take to get used to the braces
For how many days after I adjusted your braces did you feel discomfort
Did you hear the Ballad of Dr. Ted on YouTube
Everybody hates/hated one thing about having braces, so can you tell me a few of the things that bothered you most about your braces
Did any of your braces ever become detached     if so what advice would you give to others about choices they make when choosing food
What is the rule of 33
Eve I met  Dave your significant other a few times...can you tell us if  kissing was ever a problem
How would you describe your unhappiness in the first month of wearing braces
Eva did your friends have any  comments when they first saw you in braces after all you are an adult
How about your friends Maniza?
Can you tell us about any funny braces stories that happened to you while you were wearing braces
I'm going to show you your dental molds at the start...What do you think of your smile now.
Eva How did you significant-other treat you during the 8 months you wearing braces.
Maniza how many of your friend your can you think of that are wearing braces.
Eva and Maniza what would you say is the most bothersome problems you had while you were wearing braces
On a scale of 1/10  was it painful when I used the sanding stone to balance your teeth
How would you describe your happiness now that your braces are removed
Many people who have just had their braces remove tell me their teeth feel flat and empty how do your teeth feel to you right now
How would you describe your unhappiness in the first month of wearing braces
What would you tell a friend If they asked how does it feel when you have braces
On a scale 1/10 overall what number would you choose to describe the level of discomfort of your treatment overall if 10 is considered a lot of discomfort?
Maniza/ Eva there any thing special you would like to say to those folks our there watching us on their TV set.
Do you like prizes?
Do you like surprises?
(The pressure of time may result in me giving you only your upper retainers tomorrow, however,  Ii will have the lower retainers ready for you Monday.