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All illustrations are taken  from the Dentaurum Illustrated Atlas of Skeletal Anchorage, 2006. The examples of applications were provided by:   OA Dr. Benedict Wilmes, Dusselforf, Germany.

All examples utilize the tomas® pin system.     Dr. Rothstein has no financial interest in this system.

Mandibular uprighting: The mesial tipped second molar is moved using and uprighting mechanism directly anchored to a microimplant (here showing a tomas pin)


The lower anterior teeth are supra-positioned and are to be intruded. Only these teeth have brackets. The segmental arch is connected to tomas pins using traction units (elastics, chains, springs).

A mesially impacted lower canine is exposed and moved distally by initial traction. A pin provides the only anchorage. The tooth is moved by appropriate traction units. Midline shift is avoided.

The Scissors (shear) bite between two molars or premolars can be converted to a bite with normal intercuspation by altering the torque and intrusion. Pins are used as direct anchorage for this movement.

A tranversally over-expanded dental arch can be individually compressed using separate anchorageof the respective posterior teeth to a pin. This facilitates, for example, correction of asymmetries in thedental arch.

The upper anterior teeth are supra-positioned and are to be intruded and uprighted. Only the two central incisors have brackets. The segmental arch is connected to a pin using a traction unit.

The first molar has migrated mesially and limited the space for the second premolar. A device for distalization and derotation is retained on a pin.

Situation following extraction of the upper first premolar. A pin provides the only anchorage. In the first stage the canine is uprighted and distalized using traction units. In the second stage retraction is completed on the segmental arch.

April 20, 2007