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Overview of OJW film  Shoot Thursday, May 1, 2008  (work-in-progress)

 (When completed the film will also include excerpts from an interview with Iris Pierre a combined OJW and orthodontic treatment patient now in treatment, and a patient who has completed her OJW work).



The Development and Application of Orthodontic Jaw Wiring (OJW)

A documentary film based on a method and device for the control of compulsive overeating

developed by Ted Rothstein, DDS, PhD



 The educational information provided in this documentary film is intended solely for use by members of the dental profession who are advised to consult their states dental codes regarding the rules and regulations of the practice of dentistry.

 This film is dedicated to: all the OJW patients who were always enthusiastic and tireless in their efforts to be in control of their eating habits









 To familiarize dental professionals with a new service that may assist some of their overweight/obese patients to control their compulsive overeating.



 OJW refers to the entire domain of the OJW provider's responsibility  for selecting patients according to a specified criteria, providing them with informed consent so that they are aware of the risks and limitations of OJW, then wiring their jaws (see also) (see also) together by a prescribed, method, transmitting that know-how to the patient (especially if they are not able to return to your office and can not find a professional level provider) and finally, reexamining them and rewiring them periodically after examination has shown that their dentition, gingiva, and TMJ have remained healthy until the period of time that they have elected to receive OJW expires (usually about 6-9 months; representing a weight loss of  50-75 pounds) and you have removed the wiring and brackets. OJW presumes that the service is provided under the auspices of a healthcare team which includes: the patient's physician and dentist, the provider of the OJW service, a dietician, and when applicable the patient's psychologist and/or psychotherapist as well as the input of a bariatric surgeon .

PREFACE:  (Dr. Ted is filmed looking at the viewer)
OJW for weight loss  is a treatment modality for a  serious "social, psychological and physiological" problem that can help some people to get a start on treating a problem with potentially grave consequences. Obesity is legion and epidemic and recognized as a precursor to a host of serious illnesses. I am exploring the "orthodontic" approach to help alleviate this epidemic in those cases where it may be applicable to carefully selected individuals.

I think dental professionals can deliver this service with compassion and intelligence. My experience to date is that it is safe, and reasonably effective when performed with proper protocols that are presented herein.  Moreover, it has applications in the customary practice of dentistry.

Providers of OJW are limited to general dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons. These professionals are the most competent to provide Orthodontic Jaw Wiring because of their familiarity with the anatomy and physiology of the gums, teeth, dental occlusion and jaw joints.


 The object of OJW is to limit the apartness of the jaws i.e. to suspend the mandible (lower jaw) from the upper with very soft but durable wire at a distance of about 2-4 mm, the position being a little less than the position your jaw is in right now as you reading this note.  This position in dentistry is very close to the position we call the "physiologic rest position" of the mandible ... when a patient is wired in such a position the mandible is free to move forward, right and left and open and closed about 2-4 mm... Just enough to talk reasonably well and get sufficient jaw joint exercise to prevent the joint from stiffening over a 6-9 month treatment period.


The dentist's responsibility is to teach the patient how to rewire them selves  particularly when they come from afar and oversee the health of the gums, teeth and the TMJ jaw joint when they can return to the office every five weeks to be examined and rewired. The responsibility  of weight loss is the patient's.


OJW patient one: Ray Mcdowell BMI 46 (morbidly obese), age 50: OJW appliance SmartClip

OJW patient two: Erica Smith BMI 30 (approaching obesity), age 33 OJW appliance a variation of typical but wiring "through" the vertical slot.



It is my fondest hope that OJW patients will reach the goals they opted to “dedicate passionately”  the number of months they elected when they completed the Informed Consent. If they do, they can expect to lose 1.5-2 pounds each week, and perhaps even more if  they exercise.

Keep in mind that above all your goal is to modify your eating behavior forever. In the best of all possible worlds you achieve your weight goals and never regain the weight. In other cases you may achieve the weight loss you desire and then regain some or all of it back, and in the worst case gain even more than when you began your weight loss program. 

 For some losing weight control is an on again–off again lifetime process because the problem lies in some deeply rooted psychological process underlying the need to overeat. It is my fondest hope that OJW will lead you to the brink of discovery of the underlying causes of the desire to eat to excess.



If members of the dental profession step forward and recognize their right and responsibility to care for selected patients who meet the criteria of being overweight or obese based on a diagnosis of the patient’s physician, the leaders of the AAO and ADA will be obliged to clearly define the dental professional’s role providing this service just as they did when problems of snoring and sleep apnea first came to the attention of dental professionals.

Today it is even more urgent that we as orthodontists examine our role in providing this service to those who meet the criteria. "We must do what we conceive to be the right thing and not bother our heads or burden our souls with whether we will be successful. Because if we don't do the right thing, we will be doing the wrong thing and we will just be a part of the disease and not a part of the cure." -- E. F. Schumacher 


POST SCRIPT (Dr. Ted is filmed looking at the viewer)

I am confident that in time OJW will become a service that members of the dental community provide with pride and pleasure in their own communities. I have no doubt that there will never cease to be members of the dental and medical community who look upon OJW with a jaundiced eye. I say offer the service, choose your patients carefully, do the OJW methodically and be responsive to patients needs.

Most of the compulsively overweight will applaud your efforts to help them and they will not hold it against you if they regain the weight. They do expect you would-be providers to see to it that no harm is coming to them because of the OJW.


                                                                                                             Producer   Dr. Ted Rothstein

                                                                                                 First OJW patient    Ray McDowell

                                                                                           Second OJW patient    Erica Smith

                                                                                                 Director of filming   Sol Sudin

                                                                                                           Film editor   Sol Sudin

                                                                                                 Director of Music    Jon Rothstein

                                                                      Camera 2 (interview Ray McDowell)   Brendon Batson

                                                                                Principle assistant to Dr. Ted   Brian Millard

                                                                    OJW patient liaison and teleprompter   Daisy Corona                                                                                                

                                                                                                  Floral Decoration   Charlotte D’Costa Taylor (Floral Heights)

                                               Lighting and camera equipment: Courtesy of BCAT    (Brooklyn Community Access Television)


Dr. Ted Rothstein
Specialist in Orthodontics
Specialist in Orthodontic Jaw Wiring (OJW)
Member American Association of Orthodontist since 1974
Private practice: 35 Remsen St.
Brooklyn, NY  11201
(718) 852 - 1551

Cc: Directors of filming and music

April 26,2008