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Payette, Idahoe

Dr. Jay Hildreth
St. Mary's, Kansas
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The Aurobindo Trust Dental Hospital
City of Hyderabad, the capitol
of the State of
Andhra Pradesh in India
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Louisville Oral Surgery and Dental Implants
Dr Joseph H. Cieslak DDS

5906 Bardstown Rd
Louisville, Ky  40291
Mountain Home, Idaho  (20 miles South  of Boise)
Dr. John Goodrich DDS (general dentist)
Phone: 208 587 3314
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Web Site http://toothdome.com
Greenwood Village, CO
Dr. Ivan Naiman, DDS (general dentist)
8200 E. Bellview Ste. E455
Greenwood Village CO  80111
email: ivan@isndds.com
303 770 2900

Rialto, CA

Dr. Todd Ehrler DDS (Orthodontist)
Ehrler-Clelan Orthodontics
1747 N. Riverside Ave.
Southern Calif   92373
email: gnathion2000@yahoo.com
909 875 1901

Bend, OR
Dr. Julianna Panchura 
541 382 0420

What is the purpose of the DPOJW

DENTIST PROVIDERS OF ORTHODONTIC JAW WIRING will be a not-for-profit, tax exempt organization composed largely of dentists and dental specialists (in particular orthodontists), whose panel of advisors will eventually include a lawyer, dentists, orthodontist, psychotherapeutic counselor, and where possible, a bariatric surgeon, a registered dietician and some former OJW patients....The major goal is to acquire funds to carry out research at an appropriate facility (dental school, hospital, weight loss clinic); to investigate whether or not the present protocol for orthodontic jaw wiring (a relatively non-invasive approach to weight loss), is a safe, i.e, without multiple harmful side effects) and effective method to aid overweight and obese persons to lose weight and keep it off lest they become candidates for invasive surgery whose mortality rate 4-5/1000. And if so, to raise awareness of its potential among other health providers such as general physicians...It will support educational activities to help providers understand and appreciate how to provide this service so as to maximize the potential for patients to achieve their weight-loss goals while recognizing and minimizing any potential injuries likely to befall a patient in the short run (3-6 months), or during a more lengthy period of OJW (6-12 months)....It will promote the spread of knowledge of the method to general dentists and orthodontists (by creating continuing educational courses) and to the public at large, by encouraging would-be providers whose numbers at present are limited

The standards expected of providers of Orthodontic (Dental) Jaw Wiring