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The protocol for OJW as illustrated  by the Case of NM

August 8, 2007

See below the opinion and commentary of 24 other adults who suck/sucked their fingers

MM is a resident of NY State in a town requiring a 45 mile drive to my office in Brooklyn Heights. She has a precious five year-old daughter who she  wanted to wean form thumb sucking. Her BMI was about 36. GUESS WHAT HER PRIMARY OBJECTIVE WAS?  IT WAS THE VERY TITLE OF THIS PAGE.

Front view at start

Right side view at start

Front view all brackets on Special Note: For the first time I have placed clear brackets on the upper teeth. Indeed I see few impediments to placing clear brackets on the canines and the first premolars as well. Here you can clearly see all the brackets and the clear bracket used on the upper right canine teeth.

Note how I have angled the brackets backward.


Both right and left sides are wire to create an equally balanced feeling. When a patient is wired correctly the upper and lower teeth do not touch. This position is called "Rothstein's OJW position of physiologic rest". I have used .012 dead-soft stainless steel wire wire to suspend the lower jaw from the upper jaw allowing the lower jaw to move 1.5-2.0 mm in all directions. We didn't have time to record how she sounded when she spoke, however,

February 1, 2002,  Begin OJW Valerie Freeland (Hear how she sounds wired.).

  she opined that she delighted with the clarity of her speech. You can hear how another patient with OJW sounded back in Feb. 2002

MM like all other OJW patients was briefed on the guidelines needed to follow to achieve success and stay clear of harm's way.

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Sunday August 12, 2007,  MM writes:

As for me and my "journey", let's just say that I have taken on an extremely
"mental challenge" and it takes a huge amount of discipline to stay level
headed.  Please know that by NO MEANS do I regret this, I am at the end of
day two and I feel a little lighter already!!! (4 pounds down)

However, I am going to admit that I do long for my thumb when I am tired and
have attempted to put it in my mouth several times without thinking!  A
life-long habit that has aided me to sleep all of my nights!  So, I wait
until I am soooooo tired that I can't keep my eyes open to go to bed!

I will keep you more informed later in the week about the weight loss and of
course the thumb!