Below you can see a variety of instruments all of which permit removal of the wires in less than 15 seconds:

 1. The fork would be used if you forgot your other instrument, however it would no doubt rip off some of the brackets.
 2. The cuticle nipper is a fine instrument and smart looking, but even the LaCross brand we tried seemed to be a bit less than totally effective.
 3. The Radio Shack "Kronus" mini diagonal wire cutter (4.5") costs $5.00 and is very effective. I provide this instrument to my OJW patients. A bit clunky looking if all is not going well at your next glamorous soiree.
  4. The toenail clipper costs $1.00. It works well.
   5.   The Mathieu needle holder is the instrument I use to to twist the ends of the wire together after wrapping the wire around the brackets. if the patient uses it no wire cutter is needed.  I provide the patient with this instrument to take home.