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Ted Rothstein DDS PhD
Orthodontics and DentoFacial Orthopedics;
      Cosmetic Braces (Invisalign, Lingual, Clear, iBraces)
Home of Orthodontic Jaw Wiring (OJW)

35 Remsen St. Brooklyn,  NY  11201

718 852-1551;  Fax: 852-1894

  Email: drted35@aol.com,  Internet: www.drted.com 


Updated  December 2,  2013

Dr. Rothstein has been practicing Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics in Brooklyn Heights since 1976. A member of the American Association of Orthodontists who has treated more than 6000 patients, "Dr. Ted" (as his patients fondly refer to him) is also a teacher, author, inventor, writer, and film maker. His public service films, which deal with various health related subject matter, can be seen on YouTube.com. In addition to providing traditional metal braces, his unique skills include mastery as a provider of cosmetic tooth-straightening appliances including Clear, Lingual and Invisalign braces, since they were first offered to the public in the late '1980's. He  invented OJW (orthodontic jaw wiring for weight loss) and is the sole provider of this service in the country. Dr. Rothstein's web site (www.drted.com) is rated #1 in the field for keeping current and for diverse and rich of content. A PhD in Physical Anthropology with a specialty in  Dento-facial growth and development of children age 10-14 highly qualifies Dr. Rothstein as a provider for problematic or difficult cases. A progressive professional, he is now offering  patients the super "Snap on Smile" that has taken the world by surprise. You have only to read Dr. Rothstein's resume to realize his extensive expertise and capabilities which assures you that you are choosing a seasoned professional who will provide you with the best care possible.  September, 2010.  "A beautiful smile is a priceless asset."



EDUCATION:                   Brooklyn College, BA, 1961

                                               Temple University School Of Dentistry,  DDS, 1965

        University of Pa., Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Department of Physical Anthropology (specializing in growth and development of the dentition, head and jaws), PhD, 1971

        New York University, Postgraduate Orthodontic Dept.,  Certified specialist in orthodontics, 1971-1973,




                                                Philadelphia General Hospital: Oral surgery-dental internship, June ‘66-June ’67

                                                Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa., 1973-1975

                                                St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, New York, NY, Chief of Orthodontics, 1975-1981

                                                Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, NY, Dental Staff, 1983-1997 (voluntary resignation)

                                                St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, New York, NY, Staff, 1973-2003 (voluntary resignation)




                                                American Dental Association 1976-1995 (voluntary resignation)

                                                American Association of Orthodontists, 1973-present

                                                Northeast Society of Orthodontists, 1973-present

                                                Second District Dental Society 1976-1995 (voluntary resignation)

                                                New York University Orthodontic Alumni Society, 1973-present

                                                American Lingual Orthodontists Association, 1987-present

                                                World Federation of Orthodontists, 2005



                                                Doctoral Dissertation 1973, 270 pages (growth and development of dentition and jaws in children from 9-14 years of age)

                                                Small Claims Court Step by Step, 220 pages, Barrons Publishing, Dec 1997

                                                The websites  http://www.drted.com , 1997  and http://www.drted.net, 2002.  The former covers such areas as lingual, Invisalign   and clear braces, snoring and sleep apnea, teeth whitening, the various malocclusions and treatment modalities, removing wisdom teeth and a section devoted to teaching other orthodontist how to analyze deviations in shape form and position of the teeth and jaws. The latter is devoted to a  comprehensive mini-library of information related to the exposition of jaw wiring for weight loss in compulsive overeating.



                                                Dr. Rothstein has been in solo private practice at the same location since 1976. He has treated more than 7000 cases. He logs more than 50 continuing education credits every year and attends a variety of post-grad conferences and the annual meeting of the American Association of Orthodontists. His PhD thesis written in 1973 was published in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (March 2000, Vol. 117, No. 3). Dental and facial skeletal characteristics and growth of males and females with Class II, division 1 malocclusion and between the ages of 10-14 (revisited) – Part 1: Characteristics of size form and position. Part II (Growth) was accepted for publication May 2001.  His website “drted.com”  has acquired  a measure of renown because of its size and variety of content including educational material for orthodontist related to diagnosis and treatment planning, including standards for normal males and females at ages 10, 12 and 14.   Part II: Vertical and Anteroposterior  growth  between the ages of 10 and 14  
See also: www.mosby.com/ajodo:   AJO-DO   November 2001, Vol. 120, No. 5, Pp. 542-555

                                                AJO-DO: Legal department:  Small Claims Court Step by Step (Litigation, Legislation and Ethics AJO-DO: Mar 1999 V. 115, No. 3.

Publisher of "Over The Wires:  A Potpourri ..." A newsletter for the NYU Orthodontic Staff and current and past Postgraduate Orthodontic students.

                                                He is CPR certified every 2 years.

                                                Fondateur: Le Centre de Brooklyn Groupe de Conversation Français   and Liens Français

                                                Attendance: "Absolute anchorage with orthodontic micro-implant"  Fillion Lingual Orthodontic Seminars,  2 Mars 2003,  Paris, France.

                                                See MICROIMPLANTS in Orthodontics.

                                                10-3-03  Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia,  Pa:  Attendance at all-day conference by Dr. Frank Bogdan: The future of modern orthodontics using the revolutionary Damon passive self-ligating bracket.      
02-19-04  All day conference Phila, Pa:  Using The "Speed" bracket technique  in orthodontic  treatment.

                                                03 -26, 27-04  Conference Phila, Pa: Alan Bagden,  Clinical Impressions Live Seminar: Low force, Low Friction Orthodontics (The Damon System).
November 29, 2004   at the  Greater New Dental Meeting: Presented a table  clinic: "The Dental Profession's Role in the Control of Compulsive Overeating: OJW (Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for Weight Control)"

                                                May 22,  2005   at the 105th  International meeting of  the American Association of Orthodontists in San Francisco:  Presented a table clinic: "The Dental Profession's Role in the Control of Compulsive Overeating: OJW  Transitioning Your  Overweight Orthodontic Patient from Active Treatment to Retention using OJW"  [See abstract and information]

                                                September 10,  2005  at the 6th International Congress of Orthodontists: Presented a table clinic:  Presented a table  clinic: "The Dental Profession's Role in the Control of Compulsive Overeating: OJW  Transitioning Your  Overweight Orthodontic Patient from Active Treatment to Retention using OJW"                                               

                                                Founder of  the Dentist Providers of Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for Compulsive Overeating  (DPOJW) , 2004.

                                                December 9, 2005 , Staten Island, NY:  All day continuing education course focused on diagnosis and treatment planning with OrthoClear™.

                                                January 13-14, 2006  Cerinate Smile Design Workshop,  NYC,  presented by Dr. Steven Weinberg under the auspices of The American Society for Clinical Research (ASCR) : Cerinate "Lumineers" a product of DenMat Corporation.

                                                 May 7, 2006  Table Clinic titled: Orthodontic Jaw Wiring: Why and How to Implement OJW for obese patients“, at the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) 106th Annual Session in Las Vegas, Nevada.

                                                November 6-7, 2006: Donald H. Enlow International Research Symposium: An Integrative Approach to Skeletal Biology. NYU Dental School.

                                                November 28, 2006: Greater New Dental Meeting,  all day conference: Orthodontic Dimensions 2006 - An Update.  

                                                April 13-14, 2007: Temporary Anchorage Devices and Implants in Orthodontics   New-Conn Orthodontic Foundation: 21st Biennial Growth Seminar , White Plains, New York ,    SEE "MICROIMPLANTS in ORTHODONTICS"  on drted.com. 

                                                April 25, 2007: The International Association of Orthodontic Study Clubs: An All Day Presentation of Advanced Tip Edge Technique presented by Dr. Chris Kessling Secaucus, NJ... Host Dr. Lee Kaswiner

                                                April 27: an all day conference on the 3m Unitek SmartClip self-ligating bracket. NY, NY 

                                                April 28: Tobacco Intervention in Dental Practice: Helping Your Patients Stop Tobacco Use  (Health Studies Institute, 2 CE units) 

                                                June 7:  Dr. Rothstein chosen by  the prestigious Seneca Democratic club to  be presented with  a "Man of  the Year" award.  In the Greenpoint Gazette of June 20-27 he appears with State Committeeman Steve Cohn and Counsel  to the Borough President Fred Arrega  (See article).

                                                June 14:  Completion of the clinical aspect of the placement of a microimplant pin screw on a patient. (See photo-documentation.)

                                                July 4, : Becomes certified in iBraces by completing online course at  www.lingualcare.com.

                                                DOCTORS learn how you can become an iBraces certified doctor 

                                                August 27 -28, Bend Oregon: office of Drs. Juliana Panchura and Vincent Quas: Procedure for Use of SmartClip brackest in conjunction with Indirect
 Bonding Trays (See procedural instructions.)

                                                August 30,  Digital X-ray Imaging: Sponsored by Dentrix   New York,  NY 2ce                                           

                                                 September 13, 2007   Understanding Digital Radiography: Sponsored by PracticeWorks, 2ce Garden City,  N.Y.

                                                 September 18, 2007:  Orthodontic Jaw Wiring  (OJW)   The Protocol for Providing OJW to Your Patients: A New Service in Dentistry Presented to:
The Queens County Chapter of the AGD
  by Ted Rothstein, DDS, PhD.  The OJW AGD Seminar Handout

                             November 8-10. 2007   The future of Intelligent Orthodontics: a Summit in Pinehurst, NC on the use of  the SmartClip-Self-Ligating Appliance system in orthodontic treatment.
October  17, 2007: Using SmartClip Braces to achieve the best Cosmetic and Functional Results for Your Patients:  Dr. Larry Michel, Greatneck,  NY.
October 24, 2007: Membership status in the American Association of Orthodontists changed from "Active" to "Life-Active" (membership 30+ years).

October 4-7, 2007 Northeastern Society of Orthodontists, Boston, MA

                                    June 15, 2007:     Photo-documentation of the first clinical trial combining simultaneously  Orthodontic  treatment with OJW from the every start.

                                                July 15, 2007:  Dr.  Rothstein introduces 3M Unitek's SmartClip braces into his practice. SmartClip Clarity clear braces
October 29, 2007:  Submitted paper requesting publication in the AJO-DO (American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics) entitled: Orthodontic Jaw Wiring (OJW): The Dental Professional’s Role in Weight Control for Compulsive Overeating Leading to Obesity  Read the paper.

                                                November 11, 2007   The OJW  NYU Continuing education course: A Protocol for Providing Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for Compulsive Overeating Leading to Obesity: A New Role for the Dental Professional Ted Rothstein, DDS, PhD (Facial anthropology), private practice orthodontist, NYU 1973; inventor of OJW, 1988.  [The title of the course prepared for dental professionals read the curriculum]

                                                See also Letter  to Dr. Sonjay Gupta of CNN.

.                                                November 8-10. 2007   The future of Intelligent Orthodontics: a Summit in Pinehurst, NC on the use of  the SmartClip-Self-Ligating Appliance system in orthodontic treatment.  [See Agenda]  14CDE

                                               December 1, 2007  AAO Risk Management Course 2CEC and Certificate

                                               December 12, 2007:  Understanding Acid Reflux and Its Dental  Manifestations, a peer review publication by V. Yang and M Wehbi
www.dentalofficemag.com  Sept-Oct 2007    (Academy if /Dental Therapeutics and Stomatology                                           
December 10, 2007  Advanced Infection Control Course # 6335 Homestead Schools Torrance CA 3107919975

                                                December 24, 2007  Copy of Dental License expiring August, 2010.

                                                January 12, 2008: Sat 12, 19 26 and Feb 2  10:30 -4:30 Basic Non-linear Editing Workshop at BCAT/Brooklyn Community Access Television: Certified March 21, 2008

                                                January 21, 2008: Dr. Ted is elected to membership in the Global Directory Who's Who for distinction,  excellence,  leadership and creativity
in the field of Orthodontics,   See

                                    March 10, 2008   Begin Basic Television Studio Workshop for BCAT- certified Producer status  Mo and We 6-9 x 4 weeks. See what I learned

                                                Two "movies" posted to YouTube.com The Ballad of Dr. Ted: A film by Dr. Ted and The Ingredients of Hair Shampoo (an expose). http://youtube.com/ 

                                                April 7,  2008  See BCAT  Certificate for "Remote / Non Linear Film Editing

                                    April 17,  Production of 10 minutes video film entitled PEOPLES COURT: Orthodontist wins case but who paid the bill? uploaded to  www.drted.com and  Youtube.com

                                                April 25,  Class II Correction Seminar: NY, NY, a 3MUnitek presentation  on Forsus tm  Class II Correctors,   Hotel Millenium Hilton: Dr. Lisa Alvetro: Class II Correction, Stress Free and Easy;  Dr. William Vogt, Contemporary Class II Corrector Devices. 9:00-3:30,  6 CE units.

                                                May 12,  A film produced and directed by Dr. Ted "Removing Braces"

                                                May 16- 21,  87th International  meeting of  the American Association of Orthodontists, Denver CO. CEU's earned 29.50.

                                                June 9,  Creation of  OJW Questionnaire Survey (1)  and OJW Questionnaire Survey (2) to measure the risk/ benefit of Orthodontic Jaw Wiring in patients with compulsive overeating.

                                                July 9,  Title of essay planning to present at the 109th session of the AAO meeting in Boston, May 4, 2009: Orthodontic Jaw Wiring (OJW): Your role as part of a healthcare team in weight control. A mock up of  the ON-SITE Program information for  the essay I will deliver.

                                                June 11,  Infection Control: What the Dental Team Needs to Know. Dr. Harold Edelman NJ Health Professionals Dental Inst..River Edge, NJ 4 ceu

                                                June 25,  56 minute documentary film entitled The Development and Application of Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for Weight loss/Control produced and directed by Dr. Ted Rothstein  airs on BCAT television 11:30 am  (TW cable channel 34; Brooklyn Cable Vision channel 67).  Preview shoot 

                                    July 25, SureSmile all-day conference. White Plains, NY

                                    July 27, Assist Producer to Karen Callier at BCAT studio on Impress Live production: in charge of "Camera Switching"

                                     08/08/08:  See two 10-minute videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/drteddrted on the Development and Application of Orthodontic Jaw wiring (OJW) for compulsive overeating: Part I: Ray McDowell, showing the use of SmartClip braces to limit jaw opening to preselected maximum distance apart, and Part II: Erica Smith, using the standard brackets for OJW, but wiring using the "through-the-bracket" method to achieve a limited jaw opening in the patient's unique comfort zone.

                                    July 12, Dr. Ted segues to Ibraces. See case of KD the placement of IBraces, iBraces certificate

                                                July 25,  Sent out invitations to participate in OJW Questionnaire survey (85)

                                    August 28, Submit 56 minute documentary film entitled "The Development and Application of Orthodontic Jaw Wiring ..." to Manhattan Neighborhood Network programming department for airing on Manhattan Cable.  AIR DATE  dates for your single: Wed, 9/17 at 9 AM, channel 56  and Tue, 9/30 at 12:30 PM, channel 34.

                                                September  6, Join Facebook with  membership in BCAT And Francophone groups

                                                September 7,  Formation and publication of second opinion orthodontist

                                    September 11-13  87th NESO (North East Society of Orthodontists) regional meeting: Providence,  Rhode Island  15 CEU's

                                                September 21,  Film shoot interviews with four dentists for First Show: "Drted Presents"

                                                September 25-27,  3M Unitek: Achieving Clinical Excellence: The Totally Optimized Practice SUMMIT at Alexandria, VA Covering SmartClip and Clarity SL Self ligating appliance systems,  ibraces,  Forsus Cl II Correctors, and  Imtec Ortho Implants. 16 CEUs``

                                                October 17  Apply  to submit oral research paper in Boston,  May at AAO 109th; lay groundwork for presentation of Essay in Washington, DC, 2010   Read the application title and abstract.

                                    November 30, Greater NY Dental Meeting Tour Exhibit Hall

                                    December 3. New York University Alumni Society full day Orthodontic seminar program at the Greater NY Dental meeting. (6 CEU's)

                                                December 12 Invisalign Lecture: Ask the expert. 2 CEU agd 304513

                                                January 10, 2009  OJW Questionnaire Survey on the Safety, Effectiveness of Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for control of  compulsive overeating AND the responses posted  Jan, 12, 2009

                                                February 2, Orthodontic Jaw Wiring : The Dental Professional’s Role in Weight Control for Compulsive Overeating Leading to Obesity: an article written for the AJODO

                                    February 5, Webinar: Advances in CAD/CAM and Cone Beam Technology presented by Suzette Stines, DDS, FACDNA 1CE.

                                    February 15, Submit manuscript of Orthodontic Jaw Wiring: The Dental Professional’s Role in Weight Control for Compulsive Overeating Leading to Obesity  for publication in JADA: Journal of the American Dental Association

                                    February 23,  Begin production: DrTed Presents:  A health documentary on placing braces, a prequel to "Removing Braces" (YouTube)
Filmed March 6th to air BCAT march 21.

                                    March 1,  Read the article on Small Claims Court that I wrote for the American Journal of Orthodontics in March of '99.

                                    March 6,  The Ballad of Dr Ted  tells the story a young boy's apprehensions about getting braces, and how his friend Jason eased his fears.
In the end the narrator of the song, now age twenty-four, extols his happiness for having a winning smile.  The DVD and argument in support of my proposal that the AAO amend its bylaws to adopt a musical composition that represents it, was mailed to the President of the
AAO, NESO  (Northeast Society of Orthodontists). The proposal places the Ballad of Dr Ted in nomination for such a piece of music.
It will be presented to delegation reviewing the bylaws and new amendments March 21, in Boston at the 109th meeting of the AAO.

                                    March 21, Dr. Rothstein appears as guest on an interview show at BCAT on the subject of the Small Claims Court.

                                    March 21,  in Dr. Ted Presents: Placing Braces We show you as it is actually happening how orthodontists everywhere in the world go about diagnosing and treatment planning and then placing braces on their patient's teeth.   We are sure that what your learn here today will lessen any fears about having braces put on. So then let us begin: quiet on the set...action. This film was the logical next film following the film Removing Braces (YouTube)  (aired March 30 Part I and April  6 Part II: TW Cable Ch 34, Cablevision 67, RCN 82, Verizon 42

                                    April 12,  Filmed Dr. Ted Presents: A tall man with Tall order (Save the B25 bus line): while riding the B25 bus with Robert E. Cornegy Jr.: Candidate for 36th Dist Council seat,  B'k NY.

                                    April 18, The opening and closing format for the Dr. Ted Presents show

                                    April 25,  Dr. Ted Presents: Eva and Maniza Get Their Braces off and "Surprise!"

                                    May 1-5,  International meeting of the American Association of Orthodontists: Boston CE 28 cu.

,                                   May 8,  Film Part IV Dr. Ted Presents: Placing Braces

                                    May 9  Film Dr. Ted Presents: The Invisalign Experience

                                    May 9, Film Dr.Ted Presents:  Braces Inside and Out

                                    May 17, Resume including all all credits as film producer

                                    May 18, April 24, Dr. Ted Presents: Wrapping with  Rabbi Aaron: A documentary film on the application and use of Tefillin during prayer among orthodox Jews

                                    May 23,  Dr. Ted Presents: The Moms of Kids with Braces

                                    May 23, Dr. Ted Presents: The Kids of the Moms with Kids with Braces

                                    May 23, Dr. Ted Presents: "The Suprise (Maniza)" from April 25,  Dr. Ted Presents: Eva and Maniza Get Their Braces off and "Surprise!"

                                    May 24, Preparation for  Dr. Ted Presents: Babette Cohen Appraiser

                                    May 29, Preparation for  Dr. Ted Presents: Rama Singh On Anti Aging and Health Management System

                                    May 29, Preparation for Dr. Ted Presents: Patrick Metivier Under goes Smile Surgery
June 1, 
Dr. Ted Presents: MiniStudio #1 with Patrick Metivier on Sunday June 6, 12noon 2pm

                                                June 13, Upload to YouTube Tefillin: Part I and Part II   See also  Tefillin

                                    June 13, Volunteer at Boys and Girls High School Sport and Fitness Expo providing dental examinations

                                    June 23, Interview as expert for Guidepointglobal.com  with Healthco inc. regarding the new 10 CE units or 10 new cases/year requirement to maintain certification
as an Invisalign Provider. Dr. Ted's opinion: Overall good idea...Caveat Emptor when choosing to have a general dentist provide Invisalign...They are less likely to succeed in obtaining excellent treatment results for their patients. If they continue their Invisalign training all to the good...they are welcome to the club.

                                    June 24: Create 60 second BCAT Promo film clip for Dr. Ted Presents

                                    070809:  Balancing Teeth Parts 1 and 2: A short film showing how I balance ("equilibrate") my patient's teeth   (See also "Removing Braces")  This movie was filmed with the Canon EOS Rebel T1i camera (EF-S 18-55-IS ) Dr Ted Rothstein, drted.com,  070809 ;-)
July 12, Upload to YouTube preview of
Dr. Ted Presents: Rama Singh On Anti Aging and Health Management System

                                    August 19,  Dr. Ted chosen to speak at the 110th meeting of the American Association of Orthodontists in Washington, DC May 1-4, 2010 on
Orthodontic Jaw Wiring: The Dental Professional’s Role in Weight Control for Compulsive Overeating Leading to Obesity"
[See letter]

                                    August 31,  Visit orthodontic offices in Portland, Oregon: 8-1am Dr. Douglas Ainsley 511 SW Ave. Ste 1307; 1:30- 5:00 pm: Dr.s Jerry Rensch and Jay Dugoni, 4707 Tillamook

                                    September 15,  Online Invisalign webinar on the use of Invisalign to correct Class II malocclusion

                                    October 11, PowerPoint presentation to be given May 3, 2010 at the AAO meeting is completed. Title to appear in the on-site program book is A new role for the orthodontist: why, when and how to provide weight control by the method of Orthodontic Jaw Wiring (OJW).
The E-hanout to the presentation may be viewed at http://www.drted.com/AAO OJW Synopsis.htm   Title appearing on the PowerPoint presentation will be "Orthodontic Jaw Wiring: The Dental Professional’s Role in Weight Control for Compulsive Overeating Leading to Obesity"  Advance copy of the presentation is available upon request: drted35@aol.com
October 16, Key strategies and helpful hints to integrate Class II treatment for a predictable finish. 1. arch development/
upper distalization,
2. extraction and/or 3. orthognathic surgery, Dr. Sam Daher. Newark Airport Hilton 3CEU

October 26, Submit review manuscript of
The Dental Professional’s Role in Weight Control for Compulsive Overeating Leading to Obesity to Editorial staff of Dentistry Today.

                                    October 30, Online Invisalign  90-minute webinar: Understanding the Latest Treatment Innovations-- Dr. Rene Sterental.  2 CEU

                                    October 12,13:  Meeting of the Northeast Society of Orthodontists, NYC  11 CEU

                                    December 5, Webinar: #933699202 2.5 "Clear Aligner Therapy" presented by Willis Pumphrey: How to use ClearCorrrect Aligner Therapy in Your Practice. 2.5 CEU.

                                    November 17:Optimal Aesthetics in Restorative Dentistry: Presented by Dr. Ali Askari, periodontist askdds@aol.com .Brooklyn NY in conjunction with Dr. Jon Ruel, prosthetic and implant dentist speaking on new tools, treatment planning and aesthetics using the Biomet 3i implant system for anchoring full and partial dentures and fixed bridges.  2 CEU's

                                    February 6, 2010: Airing on YouTube: Placing an archwire on SmartClip braces: Just go "click-click"

                                    February 11, Invisalign Study Club: Guest speaker David Paquette: "Recent Innovations and Treatment Planning Approaches Using the Invisalign Appliance. Melville, NY. 3 CEU

                                    March 15,  Added to the DrTed.com: Learn about the Diagnosis and Treatment of TMJ:   the joint that operates the opening and closing of your mouth. Learn exactly what "TMJ" really is. Then see some really terrific simulated real-life videos and learn what causes that click you hear when your TMJ is dysfunctional. Finally, checkout the article on the subject that appeared in the NY Times on the Do's and Don'ts if you have TMJ.

                                    March 19, Invisalign Clear Techniques II (advanced) NYC: Dr. William Dyan 7CEU

                                    April 1,  On May 3 I will present my work on Orthodontic Jaw Wiring to my colleagues
at the meeting of the American Association of Orthodontists in Washington, DC:

                                    See also: Synopsis of paper presented to the AAO in Washington on OJW in support of the PowerPoint presentation.

                                    May 1-4:  Attendance at 110th meeting of the American Association of Orthodontists in Wahington, DC and presentation of paper on
                                    Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for weight control: A New Role for the Orthodontist.

                                    May 11:  Three part film series (YouTube) showing Dr. Ted having a tooth removed and a bone graft in preparation for getting

                                    May 14:  Complete Red Cross training course in Adult Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation/Automatic External Defibrillation  5 CEU

                                    June 30:  The Polyvalent YAP(tm) laser: Technology developed for dental applications (esp., periodontology, endodontia and oral surgery
                                    (implantology), NY, NY Claremont Medical Products, Steve Van Wynendaele  2CEU

                                    October 23: Denmat online training course (2CU) in the delivery of the "Snap-on" cosmetic dental prosthesis:  No shots. No
                                    drilling.No adhesives. You can even eat while wearing the Snap-On Smile® appliance. Patients looking for a non-invasive, reversible,
                                    affordable approach to restorative and cosmetic dentistry are excellent candidates for Snap-On Smile. (See futher info.)

                                  November 1, 2010  Begin 5-Part Webinar: Dental Practice Marketing Live Webcast Series presented by Elevation Research Group:Topic:
                                  Session 1 - How to Win Patients from the Internet (Presenter: Stewart Gandolf, Healthcare Success Strategies) 5 CEU
November 13 Creation of an OJW Forum/chatroom/message board exclusively for OJW patients, on the drted.com website, to allow them
                                  to share with each other their experiences and thoughts before, during and after OJW. The link to this forum site is provided only to the
                                  OJWed past and present.

                                  November 14: Lecture and hands-on Demonstation: Graphic-Image Dental Implantology, NY, NY  4CEU

                                  November 15 Today is the premiere of the "DrTed Message Board"  Click on the link to see it: DrTed Message Board .
                           Test it out yourself. Kick the tires and then get in and take it for a "drive".  Ask a question, make a statement
                           and have some fun. Even better follow the link to message board that is Supermondo.

                           November 28:  Greater NY Dental Meeting  Image Guided Implantology  2CEU Dr. E. Simon

                           November 30: Greater NY Dental Meeting all-day Orthodontic conference: Orthodontic Technology #5180 sponsored
                           by the NYU Orthodontic Alumni Society 6 CEU  Jay Bowman (Portage,MI):Miniscrew multitasking: Myths, Mechanics and Molar
                           Moving; Randall Moles, Racine WI 3D Orthodontics with Sure Smile; Cliff Alexander, Dallas Tx Incognito: the 100%
                           customized lingual Appliance system; Neil Warshasky, Glenview,IL Current Advanced Techniques to produce High Quality
                           Efficient orthodontic Treatment outcomes.
                           December 4 Preparation of Examination for would-be providers of OJW (See Exam)

                           December 8: Submit application for TM OJW to USPTO

                           December 16: Shoot film "Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for Dental Professionals": by Dr. Ted Rothstein, filmed and edited
                           by Lamont Jack Pearly with Brooke Swan: Airs worldwide Wednesday January 26, 5:30pm EST
                           online www.bricartsmedia.org/bcat  and select the channel of your choice:
                           Time Warner 56 / Cablevision 69 / RCN 84 / Verizon 44   Day: Wednesday January 26, 2011

                           December 21: Appearance as expert witness for plaintiff in SCC

                           December 24: Request guest appearance on The Doctors TV Show:The Drs CBS and The Dr. Oz Show

                           December 28: Register business practice in www.healthtopics.com and submit article for consideration:
                           Weight Loss & Orthodontic Jaw Wiring.

                          January 10,  I wrote an article for Everlook, an online health magazine, and it was Published: See article " Weight Control & Orthodontic Jaw
                                 Wiring" Orthodontic Jaw Wiring (OJW) Dental Professionals Join HealthCare Team  Read More>>>

                                 January 12:  Webinar sponsored by Verizon: Link:  Useful-ways-to-search-twitter-for-marketing  by  johnjantsch

                                            January 20: Invisalign conference: Secrets of a Tooth Whisperer- Translating the Language of fixed appliances to the
                          Lexicon of Aligner Therapy  Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis  NY, NY  3 CEU
                          January 21: Digital impression Event (Use of the Cerec CAD-CAM scanning and Milling equipment to create
                          Dental crowns and restorations) Dr. Mark Morin, NY, NY  7 CEU

                          February 15: The Orthodontic jaw Wiring documentary film is complete and will soon be ready to air. Consequently,
                          I sent a letter to the most respected members of the dental community. [See the letter] letting them know
                          it is available to preview.

                          February 25:  Biomers conference: A new braces technology utilizing clear braces and CLEAR WIRE.

                          "SimpliClear" Braces  3 CEU

                          March 3, Completion of six-part photo-documentation study on treatment sequence placing a dental implant done
                          on myself:
Dr. Ted having a tooth removed and a bone graft in preparation for getting an implant: Part 1  P2   P3  followed by
Sequential photos of implant procedure inserting the implant and preparation of molds for the lab and finally attaching the crown
                                 to the abutment-implant)
   P4, 5 and 6:
            See also a basic film about a doctor demonstrating how he did his first implant. My first implant:

                                March 8:  The final cut of OJW for Dental professionals the documentary film  Vimeo site

                                March 24-25: NYC   Denmat: Lumineers and Snap-on-Smile Conference 10 CEU .
                                April 1: Invisalign Conference NYC: Clear Techniques II, Dr. Bob Boyd (San Francisco): one-day course for orthodontists
                                providing an advanced level review of complex case types. Not open to general dentist providers of Invisalign.   7 CEU

                                April 6: Health professional helping NYC (Medical Reserve Corp): 9/11 Never Again. Orientation Meeting of the
                                New York City Medical Reserve Corp at Baruch College 151E25.NYC   2 CEU

                                          April 8:  NY, NY: CBCT Technology (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) improved diagnostics with clear 3D x-ray scanning and intraoral 
                                surface images. The GALILEOS  and CEREC technology  for prosthetic implant and surgical planning.  Dr. William Davidson and
                                Dr. Kevin Pawlowicz.. 7 CEU sponsor Sirona./Patterson Dental supply company

                                April 12:Air Date OJW Documentary 6/7/11.

                                Orthodontic Jaw Wiring  OJW  READ LATEST PRESS RELEASE

                                April 21: Documentary video film OJW for Dental Professionals 03/08/11
                                 Also Airs on YouTube  
Part I   Part II

                                           May 2:  Some years ago I wrote a book about using the Small Claims Court with an emphasis on how to collect after you win a judgment
                                in your favor.
SEE (18 customer reviews) The most important documents are now listed for purchase
                                [see page listing the documents and forms] These documents and forms are hosted at
 Payloadz.com Store (see Documents>Legal)

                                May 7: Medical Reserve Corp Advance Medical CPR/EAD course.  ProMed CPR Certification Good through 050713  5CEU
                                May 12:
Orthodontic Jaw Wiring (OJW) for Dental Professionals Documentary Airing Tuesday June 7, 2011 Aims at Dentists
                                who Will Treat the Obese:  Read Press Release

                                May 10: Medical Reserve Corp: POD training: 5 CEU
                                May 13-17. 111th  International meeting of the American Association of Orthodontists  (Changes, Challenges, Choices):
                                Chicago. 24CEU
                                May 22:  "OJW" (Orthodontic Jaw Wiring) was approved as a Trademark at the USPTO.gov ( United States Trademark and Patent Office).
                                It will  be published in the USPTO Official Gazette  (#85892818) On June 7, 2011. Any person/entity claiming infringement
has 30 days to file
                                an objection.   Absent  objection the acronym  OJW will change status from OJW™ to OJW®. :-)
                               June 10:
 Invisalign for Orthodontists and Staff . Dr. Mark Perelmuter, Elizabeth, NJ 3 CEU
                                          June 11:  A brief reprise  of  Dr. Rothstein's Doctoral Dissertation and contribution to the specialty of Orthodontics: Buck Teeth
                                          (AKA Angle's Class II division, 1 malocclusion, distocclusion, retrognathia and overbite
                                         July 12: All PRESS RELEASES: PRWeb
                                         July 16:  New York, New York: Medical Reserve Corp (MRC) Point of Distribution (POD) Training Exercise 6CEU
                                         July 19:   "Bombs, Blasts and Triage" Baruch College, Manhattan: The effects of Bombs and Blasts, and how Triage is conducted.
                                         Dr. Dario Gonzales, Medical Director for the NY Fire Department, will discuss the implications of bomb and blast events in NYC,
                                         and how to conduct triage (offered by MRC).  2CEU

                                         July 28:
PHOTO/VIDEO Documentary celebrating the first day of same sex marriage Sunday July 24 at City Hall Brooklyn NY: by Dr. Ted Rothstein [See page]
                                         August, 26:  Dr Ted Rothstein Brooklyn Orthodontist granted Trademark ® for his invention of Orthodontic Jaw Wiring (See USPTO Certificate)
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!'  He chortled in his joy. (The Jabberwocky--Lewis Carrol)
                               September 2: Completion of Advanced  Diode  online soft tissue laser training course granting an
Associate Fellowship Certificate  in the
                               WCLI (
World Clinical Laser Institute). 8CEU http://shop.advancedlasertraining.com/courses/onlinecourse_softtissuelaser.html
                                         November 27: GNYDM: Invisalign: From non-Provider to to Premier Provider. 1 CEU
                                         November 29: Greater NY Dental Meeting:  All-Day seminar: Predictable and Reproducible Strategies for Class II Treatment:  Dr. Gerry Samson
                                          (use of the cervical headgear), Dr. Lysle Johnston (contemporary Class II treatments, Dr. Jay Bowman (use of the horseshoe jet distalizer)  and Dr. Luis
                                          Carriere (use of the Carriere Distalizer)--Sponsored by the NYU Orthodontic Alumni Association. 6CEU (GNYDM: 537026 for CEU)
                                          December 1: Press Release 8:
                                         January 21, 2012:  I am pleased to present my design for the homepage of my mobile-phone friendly website:
                               Mobile-phone web site: http://mobile.drted.com  If all goes well the site will be published by mid-February (2012). 
                                         With over 2 billion cell phones world wide and  35% of American adults owning a smart phone the need to be present where
                                         your potential audience browses is a must. Not only now but mobile is the future as well. It’s expected that over 5 billion mobile devices
                                         will be in use by 2012. My mobile-phone site  will bear the domain name: www.m.drted.com
                                         February 8: Press Release 10 Brooklyn Orthodontist Dr. Ted Rothstein Celebrates 36 Years of Practice and Shares Secrets of His Success
                                         February 15: BCAT (Brooklyn Community Access Television) Conference on the  care and use of the Panasonic AVC-CAM 80
                                         February 26: Celebration party commemorating  36 years at 35 Remsen St.  Broadcast on BCAT Television April 3, 10pm
                                         March 1:  Brooklyn Orthodontist Dr. Ted Rothstein Launches Mobile-Friendly Website Having Seen the Writing on the Wall: Read Press release.
                                        March 1:   See the Mobile phone HomePage: http://mobile.drted.com/
                                         March 16: Introducing SimpliClear Conference: The world's first completely clear braces system. Clear Brackets and Clear arch  Wires. NYC 3 CEU
                                         March 23: Invisalign Conference: Invisalign for teens and Invisalign in Class II and Class III cases. Dr. Seth Klein NYC 3CEU
                                         April 3:  28-minute documentary film produced by Dr. Ted Rothstein, Celebrating 36 years as Orthodontist airs. tonight:
                                         TW34, Cable 67, RCN 82 and Verizon 42.  And World Wide, at WWW.bricartsmedia.org/bcattvnetwork   (Select Channel 1)
                                         May 3:  a compilation of most of the references to OJW on the World Wide Web
                                         May 8:  12 Press Releases: May '11-April '12 Last press release: "Brooklyn Orthodontist, Dr.Ted Rothstein,
                               Announces Forthcoming Appointment
                               to University Hospital at LICH; Major Hospital in India adds Orthodontic Jaw Wiring
(OJW®) to its list of Services" Read last press release
                                         May 23: Brooklyn Orthodontist Dr. Ted Rothstein Initiates Use of QR Barcode to Inform Patients
                               June 4:
Mounting Stone Casts on a Hanau Articulator 31m43s
Mounting Diagnostic Casts on the Hanau Wide View Articulator 50m35s
Principles of Mounting Stone Casts in an Articulator 1:0140s
                                                       Mounting Casts on the Hanau H2PR Articulator 35m34s
Zeroing The Hanau H2-PR Articulator 10m44s
                                                       Basic Articulator Movements 25m21 3CEU

                                        June 12: Risk Management: A Review of Basic Principles  2CEU
                              July 17: Receive "Super Service award from AngiesList:

 Clik on emblem to see all reviews
                              September 5:   Webinar: Adrian Lefler: My Social Media Marketing Strategies: Attracting New Patients Through Social Media -
                              Learn about Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, Twitter, Blogs and more.
                              September 22, (Happy Birthday Dr. Ted)
New Service: Online second opinion:
                                        October 1, New Film in Production see script: Brooklyn Orthodontist Ted Rothstein demonstrates
                              laser gum reshaping Gingivectomy
October 25: Invislaign Study Club: Invisalign for Teens and Invisalign Class II protocol: Dr. Barry Glaser, NY, NY  3CEU
                              November 16-17: INVISALIGN SUMMIT CONFERENCE  LAS VEGAS NV 12 CEU
                              November 25: Greater New York Dental Meeting: Technical and Scientific Exhibits
                              November 27: Greater New York Dental Meeting: Sponsor NYU Alumni Association: "Evidenced Based and Clinical Orthodontics
                              A meeting of the minds: Six Lectures 9-5 pm NY, NY  (See description of Lectures) 6 CEU
                              December 14: Invisalign: Work Smarter Not Harder, Dr. Willy Dayan White Plains, NY 7CEU
                              January 13 2013:
 Orthodontic Jaw Wiring: Dr. Rothsteins Reflections on the progress made in making Dental Professionals more aware
                                       of how they they can be a part of the healthcare team that provide services to the who have need/desire to lose weight.
                                       January 18: Introduction to SmartTrack™ Aligner Material presented by Dr. Clark Colville and John Morton: Webinar 2CEU
February 22: Optimal Invisalign Making it Work, Making it Efficient, Making it Productive. Dr. William Kottrell, NY, NY, 7 CEU
                                       April 2: Dr. Rothstein Publishes Video celebrating 36 years at his office at 35 Remsen St. in Brooklyn Heights: http://youtu.be/LRqWZrURaac

                                       April 5:  Accelerated Orthodontics Webinar Series: Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis  Propel Orthodontics  "Alveocentesis" "Micro-Osteo perforation"
                                       www.propelorthodontics.com  2CEU.   See YouTube Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSvxFfBhDcs  Read paper how Alveocentesis works:
                                       May 3-7:  113th Meeting of the American Association of Orthodontists: "The Key to Excellence"   Philadelphia, PA  30.5CEU
                                       May 31, Advanced Orthodontics Webinar II:  Accelerated Orthodontic Tooth movement using the Propel Orthodontic Tool to create multiple
                                       Micro-osteoperforations (Alveocentsis).  Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis  2 CEU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSvxFfBhDcs 
                                       June 26, Invisaign Conference Dr. Barry Glaser: Treatment of Class II, Div 2, Brooklyn, NY 2CEU
                                       July 10, Webinar: vumedi.com (Vumedi Realize Webinar: SFOT: Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Therapy: The new Frontier in Interdisciplinary
                                       Dentofacial Therapy. Dr's David Forbes, George Mandelaris and Brian Vance.  2CEU
                                       July 26.   GOOD NEWS: Fri.Aug. 2  20/20--ABC news is going to air some footage on OrthodonticJawWiring (OJW): See YouTube film
by SaulSudin.com. 
I found out today while preparing my PowerPoint presentation for a course I am presenting at the Marriott,
                             Brooklyn, NY December 4, entitled "Providing Orthodontic Jaw Wiring: a course for Dental Professionals".  We are hopeful
                             the footage will present the subject in a favorable light. Cordially, Dr. Ted Rothstein, Brooklyn Orthodontist.f
                             August 3:
Ted Rothstein Brooklyn orthodontist inventor of OJW presents Providing Orthodontic Jaw Wiring: a course for Dental Professionals--OJW
                             is NOW! Course description...

                                       August 3:  Youtube video by Dr. Ted Rothstein "OJW in the Dental Professional office"
                                       August 30: Orthodontic Jaw Wiring: a course for Dental Professionals (see details)
                       September 9: Dental Economics: "Dental-Medical Cross Coding 101" Marianne Harper CEO of The Art of Practice Management
                       p94-98 with Exam @ ineedcu.com: Grade 100 on test 1 CEU earned.
                       October 19: New Jersey Invisalign Ortho Expo Oct 18, 2013  Dr. Mazyar Moshiri, Dr. Bob Boyd, Dr. Doug Crosby 7CEU
                       November 14: ORTHO Focus: The perfect Clinchek: Seeing it, communicating it.  Dr. Bill Kotteman, Brooklyn, NY 3 CEU
                       December 2:  Greater NY Dental Meeting:
Sunday --  Safe and  Efficient Current Uses of Your Laser  for the Benefit of the Patient.
                                      Lecture series William R. Gianni  2CU







 CLIN. EXPERTISE:          Invisalign Adults and Teens, Lingual,  Invisalign and clear-transparent braces (Begg-Edgewise); Combined orthodontic-orthognathic surgical cases;  STb Lingual and iBRACES (customized hi-tech lingual)

                                                Orthodontic jaw wiring for weight loss in compulsive Overeating Cosmetic teeth whitening.  ibracesSoft-tissue diode laser