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 Dr. Ted Rothstein Brooklyn Orthodontist Provides Online Second Opinion

Ted Rothstein, DDS, PhD  
Specialist in Orthodontics for Adults and Children
Specialist in Orthodontic Jaw Wiring
American Association of Orthodontists
35 Remsen St., Brooklyn, NY 11201

718 852 1551    Fx 718 852 1894

Invisalign: free second opinion

September 7, 2008; revised September 21, 2012

Re: second opinion orthodontist


Dear ________ and seeker of second-opinion orthodontic orthodontist diagnosis and treatment plan:

Two days-ago I received an email from an adult female living in Connecticut, (who by the good sense of an oral surgeon who advised her to delay the removal of four teeth, and get a second opinion), found me on-line and inquired if I would be willing to give a second opinion in regard to the diagnosis of "bi-maxillary dental  protrusion" and a treatment plan including "remove four teeth"--(the upper and lower, right and left second premolars). She indicated she had worn braces previously.

What followed:
I agreed to provide this service, and gave her a fee for my experienced-expert, on-line. diagnosis and treatment plan based on the records she could provide.
This was my introduction to the idea of "second opinion orthodontic orthodontist diagnosis and treatment plan".
She scanned all the documents she had and sent them to me in a file. They were by and large complete except for the molds of her teeth.  She said she was going to have her orthodontist send them to me.
I carefully reviewed the records she provided, and based on my clinical experience of thirty years in orthodontic practice  I opined that "there was a mismatch between the diagnosis and the treatment provided by the first orthodontist, and that there was an alternative diagnosis and treatment plan that was less expensive and less invasive."
She needed a second opinion; and thus was born the idea of: Second opinion orthodontic/orthodontist diagnosis and treatment plan on-line
September 7, 2008
The diagnosis and treatment plan I provide are based on the "records" you or your orthodontist provide to me.
Ideally those records should included Medical and Dental history, and examination of the patient's head and neck/jaws and teeth, appropriate x-rays and photos of the head, face and teeth, and finally, molds accurately showing how the jaws/teeth come together and part.

    To be more specific:
        A Panoramic X-ray
        A Lateral-head ("Cephalometric") X-ray
        Photo of the patients profile with lips relaxed
        Photo of the patient's face front view
        Photo of  the patient's upper teeth viewed looking up
        Photo of the patients lower teeth viewed looking down
        Photo of the patients teeth from the front in their biting position (not edge to edge)
        Molds of the teeth are useful but in most cases but are not essential

I will review the records and send a written opinion.
Included will be a telephone chat with the responsible party regarding the opinion(s) I have provided.

An on-line service suffers b/c of a lack of "examination of the patient's head and neck/jaws and teeth b/c they are the "real thing".
However, to the extent that it may be useful to some patients who are anxious/doubtful about the diagnosis and or treatment plan provided to them by a general dentist or by the inadvertent oversight of an orthodontist, I may be able to provide a service to some of you who might arrive on this page.
My perspective of your diagnosis and treatment plan can lead to a number of possible outcomes:
1. You will continue with the same diagnosis and treatment plan advised by the first orthodontist.
2. You will continue with the first orthodontist using a different treatment plan.
3. You will decide not to continued with orthodontic treatment at all.
4. You will decide to have your treatment at my office.
/Dr. Ted Rothstein/

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