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Sonjay Gupta Orthodontic Jaw Wiring

Monday, November 11, 2007

I sent this note to Dr. Sonjay Gupta via the producers at CNN. The note references the introduction to the course I prepared for dental professionals on Orthodontic Jaw  Wiring  as well  as  the press release I prepared for use on just such an occasion as this.

Sent to  Dr. Sonjay Gupta CNN at:
Dear Dr. Sojay Gupta and Producers at CNN:
A Protocol for Providing Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for Compulsive Overeating Leading to Obesity: A New Role for the Dental Professional Ted Rothstein, DDS, PhD (Facial anthropology), private practice orthodontist, NYU 1973; inventor of OJW, 1988.
Given that we are the caretakers of the mouth and uniquely empowered with skills and mechano-therapy to provide services to the overweight, it is our obligation and responsibility as part of a health-care team to provide our expertise to the overweight heading towards obesity, and those who have already reached that state.
OJW patients will applaud and praise your effort to help them; they will not begrudge you if they regain the weight post-treatment, a problem encountered with every weight- loss method without exception. Weight loss is not the OJW providerís prime responsibility. OJW providers are primarily responsible for the maintenance of the health of the TMJ, dentition and gingiva during the period of being wired. If members of the dental profession step forward and recognize their right and responsibility to care for selected patients who meet the criteria of being overweight or obese based on a diagnosis of the patientís physician, the leaders of the AAO and ADA will be obliged to clearly define the dental professionalís role providing this service just as they did when problems of snoring and sleep apnea first came to the attention of dental professionals.
Course prepared for dental professionals; NYU continuing education course.htm
Press release: Jaw wiring press release 101807.htm
Cordially,  Ted Rothstein, DDS, PhD