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 Ted Rothstein, DDS, PhD
Cosmetic Orthodontist for Adults and Children
American Association of Orthodontists

Founder DPOJW
35 Remsen St., Brooklyn, NY 11201
718 852 1551    Fx 718 852 1894


Dear _________ and would-be OJW patient:

The number of OJW providers is growing. List of providers.  I provide this service with pleasure and truly believe in it, having provided it to many patients.

If you are considering coming to my office in Brooklyn, New York then please familiarize yourself with the information provided at: .  If you are still interested complete: The Informed Consent for OJW  and email it to me, and then download, complete and fax to me the two other documents requested on it. When I receive all three I will call you.  Complete the Informed Consent and be sure to sign/initial it in all four places requested. 

The fee for OJW is presently $2685. The fee covers all office visits including the visit the OJW wiring and brackets are removed.

Please read below: "Who is NOT a good candidate for OJW". 

Thank you for your inquiry.  Cordially, Dr. Ted

 Ps: Be sure to go to Directory/index of all OJW related pages on and read items #1.5,   #2,  #102 #103 and #121.


Cordially,   Dr. Ted

 Question: Who is not a good candidate for this procedure?

Answer: Your mouth has many functions both obvious (talking) and not so obvious (sneezing) and is therefore the source of many pleasurable activities. The loss of any of them may provoke anxiety. Therefore one should think carefully about undertaking this method of weight control.

A partial list of poor candidates for OJW would include:

a. Persons who need to floss their teeth due to gum problems or other compulsive reasons.

b. Persons who speak abundantly for business or other reasons whose speech might be rendered less than perfectly clear because of being wired closed.

c. Persons whose sex life would be rendered intolerable if intimate oral functions were impaired… even a little.

d. Persons with multiple-missing, loose or decayed teeth

e. Those with psychological or emotional disorders who might feel powerless/ panicky with their mouths wired closed.

f. Those whose work functions might be impaired such as an actor, singer, waiter, teacher etc.

g. Persons with systemic diseases such as diabetics whose diets could not accommodate a liquid diet.

h. Persons who cannot breathe through their nose and whose breathing might be compromised by being held continuously in a closed bite teeth position.

i. Those who are highly allergic are more at risk.

j. Persons who have respiratory ailments such as snoring and/or sleep apnea as well as those who must use use a broncho-dilator spray such as asthmatics.

k. Persons who have a history of Temporo-Mandibular Joint dysfunction (TMJ). Learn more about the TMJ: [Information source number 1], [Information source number 2].

l. Persons who are taking oral pill/capsule form medications could encounter some difficulties trying to pass a large capsule into the mouth behind the last teeth. It would be virtually impossible if the wisdom teeth were fully in place.

m. Persons who compulsively clench/brux/gnash their teeth.

n. Persons who have, or are suspected of having, anorexia or bulemia to begin with.

o. Persons with frank unresolved periodontal (gum-tooth socket) problems.

p. Persons who drink alcoholic beverages. (Alcohol suppresses the gag reflex). In the event of alcoholic intoxication vomiting can occur. [See note from respected oral-surgeon/orthodontist educator.]

q. Persons who 1. will not provide a telephone number 2. do not have an Email address. 3. below the age of 21 unless accompanied by a parent. 4. are NOT more than 125 pounds overweight or less than 25 pounds overweight (i.e moderately obese and obese, but not "morbidly" obese).

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