Yelp reviews Dr. Ted Rothstein Orthodontist BrooklynNY11201 718 852 1551


Yelp reviews Dr. Ted Rothstein Orthodontist BrooklynNY11201 718 852 1551

"Work is love made visible"--K. Gibran

No doctor ever loved his work more than I. Just think about the happiness that is represented by your smile,
and the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of times you will flash that smile across your lifetime. Behold  my "signature" indelibly inscribed in your face.  It is not without justification that I am proud of my profession and the happiness that the smile I helped to fashion  brings to you and those who are fortunate enough to have you bestow it upon. (15 fascinating facts about smiling)

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My office is located in a historic residential brownstone in the Heart of Brooklyn Heights on 35 Remsen St. We are 2-3 blocks from all the subways and a one-minute walk to the Promenade offering breathtaking views of New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty and the Financial district in lower Manhattan.

I am the sole orthodontist taking care of you in a spacious and comfortable office staffed by a small number of devoted and caring persons whose sole concern is making your office visits go as smoothly and comfortably as possible.

Taking you on time is a major concern and caring for you is our goal; "quality care" is our mission.

We accept most major insurance plans and offer a variety of payment plans tailored to your needs.

My treatment fees are directly related to the length of your treatment time, the complexity of your case and the type of braces you choose.

Dr. Rothstein provides services to Adults and Children. His office offers the full range of braces from traditional metal to "Business Class" braces including Invisalign, clear-transparent and lingual braces.

His expertise includes treating problems that are the consequence of abnormal jaw growth. Another unique area of his expertise is Orthodontic Jaw Wiring (OJW) for weight loss to control compulsive overeating.

Brooklyn, NY


Crazy as it sounds, but I feel like I have nothing better to do than yelping on a Saturday night on my vacation at Turks and Caicos about Dr. Ted Rothstein.  Yelping has helped me find the best and most knowledgeable, yet affordable orthodontist in NYC.  After 9 months of invisalign treatment, my upper teeth have not completely move forward the way I wanted them to.  In reality, I looked like a rabbit with two of my big front teeth sticking out and the rest on top of each other.  My current dentist at that time who only had her DDS license for 3-4 yrs, tells me that my upper teeth can no longer move because she said that they were stubborn and can no longer move anymore.  I was reluctant and was just hard for me to believe that my teeth were really that stubborn, so I consulted several orthodontists.  One orthodontist told me that it is possible to completely strengthen my teeth if I let him cut my jaw and pushed it backward with a metal wire.  I said "hell no" to myself.  The last orthodontist I visited was in Chinatown, hoping to get a good deal, but the doctor's main concern was her price and whether I was able to pay it or not.  I was tired of searching for "The Best" orthodontist in NYC until I found Dr. Ted Rothstein.  I read wonderful reviews of him and so I immediately book an appointment with him through the phone.  His receptionist Brian is very friendly and funny.  My first visit with Dr. Rothstein reminds me of being in a dentist office when I was young.  He had huge antique clocks all over his office and a big rainbow to somewhat tells you where you will be from the beginning to the end of your orthodontic experience.  Dr. Rothstein is honest, a good listener, and is just one awesome orthodontist that is hard to find in NYC.



I probably can't use Dr. Ted because my insurance no longer covers his services, but I wanted to give a shout-out to his staff. Brian helped me so much just over the phone - explaining how insurance worked, payment plans, timing and the advantages and disadvantages of Invisalign. He really made the office seem like a caring, genuine place.


The most patient orthodontist ever! He listens to what his patients have to say, He is very caring. If the patient feels that the braces do not need to come off Dr. Ted will contiue to check up on your braces until you feel that the teeth are exactly in the position you wanted them to be. - When I first met Dr. Ted I knew right then and there that he would help with my teeth. Dr, Ted asked me what all ny concerns were and addressed them accordingly. Oh my God, When he took my braces off I was very delighted by the results. Not only do I have straighter teeth , my self-esteem has been boosted as well.

Brian and Jennifer are also of great help, they are very courteous and caring , and also very attentive to your needs.

I really appreciate everything Dr. Ted has done for me. It has been a very wonderful experience.

Thanks Dr. Ted!!


I don't think there's a better Orthodontist!  He's very patient, and makes your appointment as short and painless as possible.

The other staff are really kind and very informative.  After a speech about braces and retainers, it didn't seem as bad as I pictured.  The atmosphere of the office is down to Earth, and makes you very comfortable to be a patient.


If anyone deserves a 5 star rating, it's Ted Rothstein.

Dr. Ted is not just an amazing orthodontist, but he is an amazing person. My family has been going to him for years, and I am the last of my siblings to be under his orthodontic care. Needless to say, they have amazing smiles because of Dr. Ted!

His assistants, especially Brian, are equally fantastic (and knowledgeable.) When you walk into his office (conveniently located near downtown Brooklyn/on the promenade near many subways stops), you are treated very respectfully and personally by everyone there. You never just feel like a run-of-the-mill patient, which is important because dental work can be a daunting experience, especially for an adult!

Dr. Ted available around the clock if you have any ortho issues, and he encourages his patients to reach out to him especially by email which is so convenient. He also makes special appointment times outside normal hours if a patient really needs it.

I have only had my braces for a month and a half, and my teeth already look amazing. I swear he is doing genius work on my teeth! I also have no problems with my brackets because they're on pretty sturdy. I feel like Dr. Ted really knows and cares about what he's doing. He is definitely a pro, and even helped me transition when I tried invisalign for a while when living out of state. Him and his staff also went above and beyond when they had to do a lot of legwork getting all of my invisalign trays shipped to his office.

He also whitened my teeth last year, and they looked so naturally white. (I swear he does it all!)

I'm not a huge yelper so if I'm yelping it's because I had a really awesome or really bad experience. In the case of Dr. Ted, I always have an awesome experience. All of his patients love him. Seriously call the office now for a consultation if you're looking for an orthodontist, you won't be disappointed.

In fact, I can't wait for my next visit!


I visited Dr. Rothstein for a second-opinion consultation regarding braces which I had for two years.  He was fair in pointing out what my doctor got right and what my doctor could do better.  Dr. Rothstein is very patient and enjoys exchanging with clients about their concerns.  He is a very warm and affable person.  He also took the time to call my doctor to advise how my treatment should proceed henceforth.  The second-opinion consultation fee was $75 dollars. It was well worth it


This is my second time having braces, as my retainers broke when I was in college away from home and I was embarrassed to go back to my original orthodontist.  Needless to say that my teeth shifted.  I remember a high school friend having braces and mentioning Dr. Ted as their orthodontist so I decided to go to him.  Plus he has crazy knowledge.  Just view his website!!!!!  My original estimate to wearing the braces the second time around was 10 months, but I knew it may take slightly, longer given past experience.  All orthodontic cases are different. Plus I'm very particular and at times think I'm bugging the mess out of Dr. Ted, but he assured me that I have to be happy with the progress because they are my teeth and I ultimately have to feel comfortable.  It's nice when you find a doctor that takes into consideration your concerns and works with you,  instead of just heaping their decisions on you and not listening.  Dr. Ted is very knowledgeable, funny, and all around nice guy.  His staff is very personable, accommodating, and great.


Hi Dr. Rothstein,

I was so please after leaving your office Thursday afternoon I decided to send you and your kind staff an email.

After struggling with my braces for over 5 years, moving for different reasons and had to change orthodontists at least 3 times.  I found your office because I wanted to finally have them removed, initially i was very frustrated because I thought i have had it with braces discomfort, costs and orthodontics in general.  However visiting your office I am of an entirely different view,  I was absolutely blown away by your service,  your staff were warm and friendly and the ambiance was great.

I want to thank you firstly for removing my braces and giving me my retainers at such short notice in under 2 hours, i am extremely satisfied with the result I feel like a new person. Thank you also for removing the tads/temporary bridges free of cost, and saving me the trouble of an additional visit and additional expenses, your are heaven sent.

I want to commend your very warm and friendly staff, say hi to Brian and Jenny for me, i feel like i have know them forever even though it was my first visit . In addition I must say your office is in a very tranquil location and inside was exceptional I love the decor it improved my spirit and I definitely did not leave feeling the way i felt when i came in. I had an overall great experience, made me felt sorry it had to be my last visit.

This experience has renewed my faith in orthodontics and made me feel like the years of pain and torture was all worth it.
Once again, THANK YOU!


Informative, clearly spelled out my options, professional... this was my experience in dealing with Dr. Rothstein and his office staff. I needed to address a broken lingual retainer and was in search of a dentist who could fit me in during the busy Christmas season. I spoke with many a doctor's office and when I finally spoke with Dr. Rothstein, my decision to go to his office was preceeded by a conversation with both his staff, who handled my call with the utmost professionalism, and subsequently with Dr. Rothstein, who took the time to lay out what my many options were for replacing the broken retainer.(It's important to note that the price Dr. Rothstein quoted me on the phone was on par with what other doctors had quoted me. My decision to give him my business was not based on price.) If you have ever searched for a Doctor, done your research and called various offices, you know that to have a doctor spend a modicom of time with you on the phone to address your concerns is priceless... even more so when you finally realize that that doctor is super busy. I appreciated Dr. Rothstein taking the time to not only listen to my concerns regarding the options that were available to me but also addressing each of my concerns without making me feel rushed or insignificant, as so many doctors, to their financial peril, usually do. When I finally got to Dr. Rothstein's office is when I realized how precious the time was that he actually spent with me on the phone. His office was busy, non-stop. Not to the point, however, that it impaired the time he needed to address each patient. When i finally saw Dr. Rothstein he took his time to explain what he was going to do and talked to me the whole time. It has been over 3 months since I went to see Dr. Rothstein. I waited this long to see if the treatment I recieved worked...and it has....brilliantly. I highly recommend Dr. Rothstein. His office attracts a large teenage crowd, however, he addresses adult dental concerns as well.


I'm interested in getting braces, so I did a Google search for orthodontists in Brooklyn and came upon his site, I was impressed with the vast amount of information on his site, so much so that I figured he knows what he's doing and decided to call and come in for a free consultation. (I'm picky when it comes to doctors and dentists and the like.) I called and, to my surprise, was able to get an appointment for the very next day, much sooner than I was expecting. And when I got there, I wasn't even in the waiting room five minutes before I was able to meet with him. And boy, was I in for a pleasant surprise! Dr. Ted is really funny, and he had me laughing two minutes into our conversation. Jokes aside, he is very knowledgeable, and he did tell me that getting braces wasn't necessary (I already knew that), and he was trying to dissuade me from the idea. I really liked that about him, because it showed that he's not just looking for business -- he cares about the long-term dental health of his patients. Anyway, I left feeling really glad that I met him, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for an orthodontist they can trust. Thanks for the wonderful experience, Dr. Ted!