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Brooklyn Orthodontist Dr Ted Rothstein Esthetic reshaping of front teeth

When I finish straightening my patient's teeth I always ask them to go home and look carefully at them every day for three more weeks. I ask them to this because I want them to be sure that every tooth they can see is dazzling straight. Only when they are absolutely sure their teeth are perfectly straight do I remove their braces. The appearance of straight teeth begins at the very first visit when I first bond their braces on to their teeth. Even before that I use my sanding instruments to make the edges of their teeth straight and that often includes making pointy eye teeth more curved (less pointy:Bef/Aft 2). This approach makes it easier for me to accomplish making the teeth super-straight looking.

Nowadays I offer this service to those patients who refuse to have any kind of braces at all, but who have some snaggly-looking front teeth and would submit to having them sanded straight.  Are you one of those? if you are let me know I'll show you what I can do for you.


Look carefully at the edges of the teeth. You can see how irregular the edges are in the before and how much straighter they are in the after. These photos demonstrate how much straighter the teeth can appear with light, painless reshaping of the edges of the teeth (no anesthesia required). These patients were pleased with the result and opted to have no braces.  The patient in before/after 2 was particularly happy with having her pointy canines reshaped.

                                         Before 1

                         After 1

                                        Before 2

                          After 2

                                                   Before 3

                           After 3
(See the "BrB": Braces are beautiful look-like train-track- braces appliance I made for her September 22, 2012)


MARCH 8, 2011

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