AIBO (Artificial Intelligence RoBOt)
"aibou" in Japanese means "partner" or "pal"

December 18, 2000
    AIBO (Model ERS-210) is delivered to the office in the late afternoon.

December 20, 2000
    Today we unpacked, assemble and powered up AIBO.  Maybe it would be 
    better to say Aibo was born today.  The concensus for what gender Aibo
    is, is male. Aibo is not "old enough" to accept a name so we decided to 
    each enter 5 options for his name, giving a total of 25 choices. We also 
    that we will need rules for handling and care of Aibo in the office
    environment where he might get hurt.  Today he entered the first of four
    stages of infancy. We are delighted the way he has already taken to us.
    At maturity Aibo will exhibit: