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Ted Rothstein, DDS PhD
Specialist in Orthodontics for Adults and Kids
35 Remsen St. Cor. Hicks,
Brooklyn NY 11201 (Brooklyn Heights) 
718 852 1551   Email

Directions to the office from
JFK, LaGuardia and Newark airports

From JFK (John F. Kennedy)

$35  Taxi/Car Service each way: Travel time 40-50 minutes. 

By Air Train to the Subway:

You get  to the Air train in the airport by taking the Q10 bus to the Air train terminal. It goes to Jamaica (the final and only stop) and costs $5.00. There take  the Long Island Rail Road stopping at the last stop in Brooklyn... Flatbush Avenue. There take the 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or R subway train ($2.00) heading toward Manhattan and go about 4 stops and exit at Court St. Borough Hall. You are within sight of Remsen St.

By Subway: $2.00 each way:  At the ground transportation of the airport terminal (Baggage Pickup area) you can catch a free airport shuttle bus to the subway about 15 minutes away. The Subway stop is “Howard Beach”  Take the train to Brooklyn. (Exit JAY STREET - BOROUGH HALL)  (THE THREE STOPS JUST BEFORE THAT ARE: Utica, Nostrand, Hoyt – Schermerhorn and then Jay St.-Borough Hall. This trip takes 45 minutes and if you miss the stop the train will take you passed Brooklyn into Manhattan (DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN.) Exit at Jay St.- Borough Hall. You are now 6 blocks (10 minutes) from the office. Go to Fulton St. 2 blocks away and take Fulton in the DIRECTION OF COURT St. (you will pass a very wide street. called ADAMS St. At Court St, FULTON St. changes names to JORALEMON St.  Take Joralemon St. and go passed Court St, then passed Clinton St. then passed Henry St and at Hicks St. make a right and then a left on to Remsen St. Find 35 Remsen St.

From LGA (LaGuardia) 

$26  Car Service each way (25-40 minutes)  718 852 6666  (Yellow cab is ok but the fare is closer to $30+.)

By Bus and Train/Subway:  Two dollars ($2.00)

Provided to me by an OJW patient 9/24/07:  Take the M60 bus $2.00 to the Astoria Blvd. stop (Don't forget to get a transfer coupon).  There take the "N" or "W" train to the end (Whitehall St.). Transfer to the "R" train and get off at the first stop (Court Street/Borough Hall).  You are one block from Remsen St. Find it and walk in the direction going toward  the river passed Clinton St., then passed Henry and Hicks St. The office is 35 Remsen St. between Hicks St. and  Montague Terrace. If you have some time go 100 feet farther and enter on to the Promenade and see the magnificent view of NY Harbor where the Hudson and East River meet.

The “Triboro Coach” company sends a bus every 10 minutes at the ground transport area of each terminal.   Take this bus (“Q-33”) to the subway 10 minutes away for $1.50.  Then Catch the F train ($1.50) for a 30-minute ride. going in the direction of Brooklyn.  Exit at Jay St.-Borough Hall. You are now 6 blocks from the office. Go to Fulton St. 2 blocks away and take Fulton in the DIRECTION OF COURT St. (You will pass a very wide street called ADAMS St. At Court St. FULTON St. BECOMES JORALEMON St.  Take Joralemon St. passed Court St, then passed Clinton St. then passed Henry St and at Hicks St. make a right and then a left on to Remsen St. Find 35 Remsen St.

From EWR  (Newark airport

$45 + toll by car service each way: 40-55 minutes.

By Bus and (Subway $2.00): 

Take Olympia bus lines 908 354 3330:  All of Newark’s terminals  (A, B,  C) have a counter selling tickets ($14.00) between the hours of 24/7 (Find the "Coach USA Ticket agent) that will take you in 40-50 minutes from Newark Airport to  the PATH (Port Authority Terminal) at 41St. Between 8th and 9th Ave. There take subway #2 or #3 to to Downtown Brooklyn (Borough Hall. The bus continues on for 15 minutes and arrives at Grand Central Station on E. 41 St. between Lexington and Park Ave. Here you  would take the subway  #4 or # 5 arriving at the Borough Hall exit in Brooklyn 25 minutes later.   Olympia’s counter is found at the “Ground Transportation” (Baggage Pick-up area). After you purchase your bus ticket leave the area between doors 2 and 3. The bus is just outside the door parked in its alley.  A bus leaves every 30 minutes.  Exit the subway and immediately you will find Remsen St.  On Remsen walk past Clinton, Henry and then Hicks St. Find 35 Remsen St. (718 852 1551).  


Going to Newark airport from the office:

Getting to the Olympia bus at the PATH (Port Authority Terminal...41st St between 8th and 9th or the Grand Central Terminal)

Taxi ($16). You can hail a taxi in less time than you can say tiddledywinks. Or take a to Subway (#4 or #5) to Grand Central Terminal. The subway is a 6 minute walk from the office and runs every 5-10 minutes). Alternatively you can take the (Subway #2 ,or #3 for $2.00) and go to the PATH.



         MARRIOT HOTEL (in easy walking distance) 718 246 7000 ($300.-400)

         YMCA  main telephone number in Brooklyn: 718 499 8100

         In NYC: Vanderbilt Y at 224 E 47th St. 212 756 9600
                      West Side Y at 5 W 63rd St. 212 875 4100
                       The Y's charge under 100$/night.

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