Clinical Notes: G.S., Binghampton, NY; 49, 5'6'' 165 lbs:  Goal 125 pounds, Moderately active, Willing to dedicate 6 months to jaw wiring for weight loss.  Weight loss if patient perseveres with discipline: 48 pounds. Email:

December 17, 2001:
    Examination of teeth, gums, all soft tissues, extent of movement of jaws, and TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular joints) reveals that GS is in good health. Her medical dental history is unremarkable and the informed consent for jaw wiring has been signed and dated. No radiographs were warranted. She came with her husband. Begg brackets were placed on upper teeth 4,5,6 and 11, 12, 13 and lower teeth 29,28,27 and 22,21, and 20. (the canines and first and second premolars). Of the 12 teeth that had to have brackets placed on them 9 had surfaces that were restored with porcelain. Consequently, those surfaces had to be specially treated to make the brackets more adherent to them.   Her husband watched the the method of bonding the braces on to the teeth. GS was asked to put her teeth gently together and the wiring was done with "deadsoft" .016 inch diameter stainless steel round wire.  Her husband observed the placement and procedure of rebonding brackets and rewiring the jaws in the event that  a dentist/orthodontist is not available to do the work. She said her jaws were very comfortable and that the jaw wires permitted her a slight bit of jaw movement. She was given instructions and practice regarding how and  when to remove the wire. She was given instructions on how to exercise her jaws  during the 3-5 days she would be released from the wires and advised re the possibility of the joint becoming more limited in motion over time (two fingers of opening rather than 3 fingers).  Ps. GS was counseled to adhere to a 1400 calorie  low/no salt liquid diet. Her local dentist and physician were contacted prior to the appointment and both could find no reason not to go ahead with the procedure. Moreover, GS had a working relation with a local nutritionist. She was advised to always carry her wire-cutter with her. Lacking a wire cutter a simple fork could accomplish the emergency removal of the wire. It was hoped that local dentist/orthodontist would be enlisted to replace brackets/clean teeth if needed. Her husband was shown how to rewire the jaws in the closed position with proper attention to the necessary precautions.

December 19,
    Tel. Con. GS letting me know three brackets detached, one in each corner of the mouth. Her husband reported he had successfully rewired her and she was comfortable. Attempts by husband to rebond the brackets were not successful even though he followed instructions as he had been shown. Two local orthodontist were contacted regarding rebonding the brackets. GS and husband were advised that  the ideal recourse was to rebond the detached brackets and if husband was comfortable to redo the wiring again with the instruments and supplies provided. This kind of occurrence is not unprecedented...Alicia the "Posterchild"  of jaw wiring reported that it had happened to her as well.  [See Posterchild's website]

December 29
    Received letter from GS's dentist indicating that his history and examination of TMJ and oral conditions revealed no contraindications jaw wiring.

January 1, 2002
    Rebonded brackets 4, 27, 13, and 21 (one bracket in each quadrant of the dentition). Three of the four rebonded teeth were porcelain crowns, and two of the four rebonded teeth were lower teeth. Rebonding technique included "microetching" the brackets and the teeth, acid etching the porcelain teeth with HFl acid for 6 minutes and placing "double" adhesive overlying the flanges of the bracket.  G. was rewired with .014 "deadsoft" stainless steel wire.  G's husband had become proficient and  at ease with the rewiring technique. No problems had been encountered while GS remained wired with the missing brackets.

January 2, 2002
    Received email from GS who wanted others who might follow in her footsteps to know her history and how she came to choose jaw wiring.
[Read GS's letter].

February 17
Received email from GS who writes:
I have lost 22lbs (in 9 weeks).  I have had to take my wires on and off a lot more than I thought I would.  I have appointments with friends, customers, clients and I really don't feel like explaining the whole thing to them so I take my wires off.  But all in all, now that I have lost over 20 lbs even without the wires on it seems I have more incentive to stick to a diet than I did before so I eat a lot less when I am not wired.  I have had a couple of lapses, mainly going out to eat is still my downfall (we went out to dinner on Valentines Day) but then I put the wires back on and get back on track. I am still committed to this procedure and have about another 20 lbs to lose but I think it is going very well and I know I couldn't have done it any other way. Best Wishes, Georgina

Georgina St. Clair ( on Tuesday, May 7, 19102 at 09:55:31
-    Message: I have finally got my e-mail fixed and my computer is friendly again so I will update you on my progress.  I recently returned from Florida, where I spent 30 days as an inpatient in a treatment facility for eating disorders.  It was a very rewarding and educational experience.  I learned a tremendous amount and found ways to help control my eating behaviors.  It isn't easy and I know it will be a life long struggle but so far I am doing great and I have lost 30lbs since I first had my jaw wired in December.  I still think that jaw wiring is a viable option for anyone who has trouble sticking to a diet and has tried all other forms of weight loss and I admire your tenacity and you willingness to stand up to the establishment when it seems everyone is so eager to  find fault and criticize the procedure.  The only drawback I experienced was people's small minded attitudes.  Whenever I told someone I had my jaw wired to lose weight they felt free to tell me how dangerous it was and how stupid I was for doing it when firstly, they knew nothing about the procedure and secondly, it is a much safer method of weight loss than taking diet medications [even more so than liposuction or intestine/stomach surgery]. Please keep providing this service, after all this is America and people should have the freedom to choose.  If critics don't agree with this method, they don't have to do it.  You are a hero to many people who are desperate to lose weight.   Good luck with all your future endeavors, thank you for everything  and very best wishes, Georgina



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