"Our goal is caring for you

Our mission is providing you quality care"

Quality care at Dr. Tedís

We will always be concerned about your comfort from the first day you come for a consultation until the braces are removed and your bite is corrected inside with a winning smile outside.

We will always return your calls within 24 hours or less.

Whenever you have any emergency pain we will always attend to it immediately.

We will always understand how you feel because not only has Dr. Ted worn braces but each member of his staff has also. In fact, they are/were all his patients.

Dr. Ted will always call you personally when you want to speak directly to him.

You will be given Dr. Tedís home phone from the get-go. He only lives 10 minutes from the office.

We will always offer you when applicable a choice of braces because Dr.Ted is an expert is all of them including Invisalign, Lingual and Clear braces.

Dr. Ted will always tell you in advance what he is going to do for you so that you are never surprised.

We (Dr. Ted and the staff) will always be current with continuing education.

We will always be kind, courteous and caring.

We will always call you by name.

We will always welcome and do our best to address any complaints or criticisms that you are kind enough to offer.

We will always try to beautify and maintain our office so that you will feel happy to come here.

You can be certain that with 25 years of experience delivering patient-care that Dr. Ted will provide you with treatment that will minimize pain and discomfort.

Dr. Ted will never, ever advise, the removal of teeth unless absolutely necessary to provide you with a beautiful result that will last forever.

Dr. Ted will always try to accommodate your desire for a particular appointment time.

We will always try to exceed your expectations of quality service.

We will always communicate/dialogue with your dentist regarding your dental needs.

When you need a referral to other health providers we will always make sure they are also quality providers.

We will always provide you with retainers within 24 hours of your fixed braces being removed.

During treatment if the need for other kinds of dentistry arises, we will not hesitate to make that referral.

We will always take the least amount of diagnostic X-rays as possible before, during and after your braces are removed.

Means we will have patient-care hours on alternate Saturdays and on weekdays as early as 7:00 am and as late as 6:30 pm.

We will rarely if ever cement rings around your back molars, which can sometimes lead to dental decay. We use a bonded appliance which cements on only one surface of your molar tooth.

Finally, on the day your braces are removed you can expect quite a surprise, which of course we will not reveal now.

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 ďAnd still: Nobody does it betterĒ

May 12, 2001