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What you should know about my office


Whether you are an adult who wants to have a beautiful smile and healthy bite, or the parent of a child whose teeth need straightening, you need to select a competent, experienced and personable orthodontist which can be difficult. You will want to choose a professional who strives to provide the care and service you expect to receive in a private office in Brownstone Brooklyn Heights.

I have treated more than 7000 patients at my office in Brooklyn Heights during the past 30 years. I have held positions at LICH hospital and was the Chief of Orthodontics at St. Lukeís-Roosevelt Hospital where I had been  a staff member for 10 years.

I am the only orthodontist in the NYC area who also holds a doctorate in Physical Anthropology (Ph.D., U. of Pa., 1971) in the field of Child Growth and Development.

So, no matter what the basis of your referral to me, be it a dentist, current patient, friend, insurance plan or Yellow Pages, you will receive a quality of care and service reflecting 30 years of experience in caring for adults and children.

My approach to treatment is to always let you know what I plan to do well before I ever do it. That way you are never surprised by something you donít understand. I am very concerned about any discomfort you experience and my goal is to always keep you as comfortable as possible.

Iíve worn braces myself and had fillings and cleanings and even gum surgery. I know what it is like to be afraid of the dentist/orthodontist. I will treat you with the same gentle care as I would give a beloved member of my family.

My office is in residential, downtown historic Brooklyn Heights (Go To Map) . The community is safe and well lit, and it is not surprising to see tourists from many countries visiting this pleasant community.

Private parking is available two blocks from the office on Love Lane. However, the subway is recommended if possible. I offer you a payment plan without interest to help make the expense of treatment more affordable.

We accept payment of the fee by cash, credit and debit cards, and check by special arrangement. My office is 2-3 blocks from the 2,3,4,5, and R subways.

Patients with emergencies or discomfort will be responded to promptly. Emergencies during patient-care hours are seen immediately to provide relief, and I live just minutes from the office. Every patient receives my home telephone number.

You will also be pleased to know that in most cases. I provide clear- transparent braces and tooth-colored wire especially for teenagers and always for adults who find them most pleasing to the eye. In addition, I have been providing my adult patients, who might otherwise refuse treatment, the option of LINGUAL braces "See Them Not" (behind-the-teeth), since they were introduced  in 1988.  ("No-braces") braces.

In addition, I am pleased to state I am a have been a certified provider of INVISALIGN (NO BRACKETS-NO WIRES)  ever since its introduction in the market.

Finally, other related services include "power teeth whitening" in under one hour with the "Rembrandt" Sapphire blue- light- source; anti-snoring devices and Orthodontic jaw-wiring for individuals who have need to lose or regain their control of an overweight problem. I am please to say  that patients from all parts of the country can find this service only at my office.

I look forward to meeting you.

Dr. Ted J

Choose my office because:

My experience and reputation are unsurpassed by any other orthodontist in Brooklyn.

 I provide patient-care hours for working people: 7:00am - 6:30pm and alternate Saturdays.

 Your treatment is provided by one doctor -- me. and I understand your fears and apprehensions.

Remember this:

Experience and reputation really count when it comes to providing patient care.

A beautiful smile not only looks good, it feels good too.

Our goal is caring for you.
Our Mission is QUALITY CARE

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