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Recently added:   1. How to obtain, complete and file a Subpoena for Records (S f R),
                                2 . How to obtain complete and file a Subpoena for Information  (in order to find the judgment debtors assets).

Small Claims Part Statement of Claim (the Initial Claim form):
is the latest version  (SC-50) of the form and offers check-off boxes to describe the various reasons for the claim. You can use this form if you are an individual (a so-called "natural person") suing on your own behalf. You can sue another individual or a business or corpoartion) as long as that person lives, works or transacts business in one of the five boroughs of NYC. (See * below)

A Completed Example of the above on an older version of the form.

A Demand Letter (for payment): This letter is not a requirement for individual claimants but it is required for commercial claimants (see below). It, or a letter like it, must be sent at least 10 days prior to the court hearing, but not more than 180 days before the court hearing. It is best to send it by certified mail.

Civil Court of the City of NY Commercial Claims Part Statement of Claim (the Initial Claim form):
*Use this form  (SC-70)if you are a partnership, corporation, or business association. You can sue an individual or a business (or corporation) if they live work or transact business in NYC.

The reverse side of the above form: (not in PDF format, it's just text. When printing, setup printer to print in landscape.)

You are required to sign the bottom of the two notes shown which attests to the facts that 1. you have not filed more than five claims during the month and 2. you sent a demand letter.

When in doubt call the Small Claims Court Clerk’s office and ask: Tel. 347 404 1920 Brooklyn.

While the author of this document has gone to great lengths to provide accurate and up-to-date information, the author in not a lawyer. Indeed the author is an orthodontist who wrote the book: These forms are not intended to provide legal advice. They are meant to be used in conjunction with information provided in the book entitled "Legal-Ease: Small Claims Court – Step by Step," as experienced by Dr. Ted Rothstein and written in collaboration with Isaac Druker, Esq.

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