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  ** Orthodontic Jaw Wiring  for Weight Loss

Table of Contents for Orthodontists

May  21, 2011   May 2:  Some years ago I wrote a book about using the Small Claims Court with an emphasis on how to collect after you win a judgment
                        in your favor.
SEE (18 customer reviews) The most important documents are now listed for purchase
                        [see page listing the documents and forms]  These documents and forms are hosted at Store (see Documents>Legal)

 April 21, 2011     OJW Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for Weight Control: a Documentary for Dental Professionals: a film by Dr. Ted Rothstein

                         YouTube:  Part I:    Part II:

March 8, 2011     The final cut of OJW for Dental professionals the documentary film  Vimeo site 

May 11 2010     Three part film series (YouTube) showing Dr. Ted having a tooth removed and a bone graft in preparation for getting an implant
                        Part 1    Part 2      Part 3

April 1, 2010  On May 3, 2010 I will present my work on Orthodontic Jaw Wiring to my colleagues at the meeting of the American Association of
                    Orthodontists in Washington, DC:
[SEE POWERPOINT PRESENTATION. See also: E-Synopsis containing the documents
                    referred to in the PowerPoint presentation: E-Synopsis

February 5, 2010 Airing on YouTube: Placing an archwire on SmartClip braces: Just go "click-click"

jDecember 28, 2009   Obstructive Sleep Apnea Surgical Update of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) Volume 22,  issue 1  December 28, 2009  (7 pages PDF)

jAugust 19    Dr. Ted chosen to speak at the 110th meeting of the American Association of Orthodontists in Washington, DC May 1-4, 2010 on
Orthodontic Jaw Wiring: The Dental Professional’s Role in Weight Control for Compulsive Overeating Leading to Obesity"
[See letter]

jJune 9, 2009   Treating certain kinds of Open Bite is difficult.  Moreover maintaining the correction of  "Open Bite" is even more perplexing. You have only to ask
any experienced orthodontist to have confirmation of this well-known fact.   You can see my solution to retaining the correction of an open bite. See the "RACHEL"

March 22, 2009      Some re t doings:

69. March 24: Ted Presents placing braces.htm  Click the link to read my chronicle of how this health documentary film is being produced...
 Oh la-la the things that happen.  The opening of the movie proudly displays my attention and continued interest in OJW.

170.  Just to lighten up a bit go see/listen to:  The Ballad of Dr Ted  tells the story a young boy's apprehensions about getting braces, and how his friend Jason eased
 his fears.In the end the narrator of the song, now age twenty-four, extols his happiness for having a winning smile.  The DVD and argument in support
of my proposal that the AAO amend its bylaws to adopt a musical composition that represents it, was mailed to the President of the AAO, NESO 
(Northeast Society of Orthodontists). The proposal places the Ballad of Dr Ted in nomination for such a piece of music. It will be presented to delegation
 reviewing the bylaws and new amendments March 21, in Boston at the 109th meeting of the AAO.

February 12, 2009  Read the article on Small Claims Court that I wrote for the American Journal of Orthodontics in March of '99.

January 15,  2009OJW Questionnaire Survey on the Safety, Effectiveness of Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for control of  compulsive overeating AND the responses posted Jan, 12, 2009

August 8, 2008   See two 10-minute videos at on the Development and Application of Orthodontic Jaw wiring (OJW)
 for compulsive overeating:
Part I: Ray McDowell, showing the use of SmartClip braces to limit jaw opening to preselected maximum distance apart,
Part II: Erica Smith, using the standard brackets for OJW, but wiring using the "through-the-bracket" method to achieve a limited jaw opening in the patient's unique comfort zone.

May 8 2008: The unknown can be very frightening. See Dr. Ted's new YouTube film revealing in living vivid detailed color how he removes your braces.

June 2, 2008   The OJW Questionnaire Survey. This survey will be sent to OJW patients to assess how they fared under the OJW protocol.

December 20, 2007   The equipment and supplies required to implement Orthodontic Jaw Wiring and where to obtain them and the cost. [Click Here]

October 29, 2007    I submitted this article to the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics on October 28, 2007: Orthodontic Jaw Wiring (OJW): The Dental Professional’s Role in Weight Control for Compulsive Overeating Leading to Obesity

September 22, 2007     I used the SmartClip demonstration model to show how OJW can be used with Self-ligating brackets (wire: RMO deadsoft .014") See patent figures.

September 22, 2007  Orthodontic Jaw Wiring  (OJW) :The Protocol for Providing OJW to Your Patients: A New Service in Dentistry The OJW AGD Seminar Handout

July 21, 2007     You will need to communicate with your colleagues, your referring dentists and your patients.  Sometimes an en mass   emailing is the best way to go. See how I solve the e problem in my office.

June 15, 2007     Photo-documentation of the first clinical trial combining simultaneously  Orthodontic  treatment with OJW from the every start.

May 21, 2006  Microimplants in Orthodontics  It will not be long before the use of the microimplant (miniscrew, TAD) is being taught and used in every post graduate orthodontic school in the country here and abroad. [Learn more about microimplants].and See how a microimplant is placed: Tomas page 1 and Tomas Page 2

 June 3, 2005     Hear Ballad of  Dr. Ted  : My son Jon is a song writer and singer as well*. When he graduated  from Middlebury College in 1993 I asked him to write a song about getting braces. He wrote the "Ballad of Dr. Ted,"  for which I paid him $100.  I've  played it many times in the office for patients  who come in for consultation. It tells the classic and joyous story of a young boy who learns that he needs to  have braces. Of course he does the classic thing, he asks the advice of his friends... who wouldn't?  He ends up following the advice of his best friend "Jason" who changes his life
forever by advising him to go to Dr. Ted because "Nobody does it better."  * My favorite song of his is called The Only Thingwhich he wrote and dedicated to Amy,  the girl he married on October 26, 2003.   It tells of the pain that comes with loving one another. The other day I submitted  the Ballad of Dr. Ted to the American Association of Orthodontists as my nomination for a song which represents our prestigious anthem if you will.
Hear Ballad of  Dr. Ted :-)

May 27, 2005   Ongoing developments in OJW:  November 29, 2004   at the  Greater New Dental Meeting: Presented a table  clinic: "The Dental Profession's Role in the Control of Compulsive Overeating: OJW (Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for Weight Control)"
May 22,  2005   at the 105th  International meeting of  the American Association of Orthodontists in San Francisco:  Presented a table clinic: "The Dental Profession's Role in the Control of Compulsive Overeating: OJW  Transitioning Your  Overweight Orthodontic Patient from Active Treatment to Retention using OJW"  [See abstract and information]                                               
September 10,  2005  at the 6th International Congress of Orthodontists: Presented a table clinic:  Presented a table clinic: "The Dental Profession's Role in the Control of Compulsive Overeating: OJW  Transitioning Your  Overweight Orthodontic Patient from Active Treatment to Retention using OJW"                       Founder of  the Dentist Providers of Orthodontic Jaw Wiring for Compulsive Overeating  (DPOJW) , 2004. 

January 9, 2005 See article to be submitted for publication in the NYS Dental Journal, 2005 in which Dr. Rothstein responds to the present editor of the journal, Dr. Elliot Moskowitz, whose article entitled The Limits of Dentistry sets forth the author's reasons for not providing services to the morbidly obese. [Link]

December 3, 2004   recently presented a "Table Clinic" that included a PowerPoint Presentation on the   subject of "Orthodontic Jaw Wiring"  to my dental colleagues at The Greater NY Dental Meeting  and my orthodontic colleagues as well. You can it see it at: [Click Here].

October 30, 2004    I have the honor to announce that I am presenting a "table clinic" at the Greater NY Dental Meeting  on November 29, 2004 titled "The Dental Profession's Role in the Control of Compulsive Overeating: Orthodontic Jaw Wiring... A kinder gentler way  (OJW)"  On that occasion I will demonstrate the principles/rationale of how the OJW service is provided and present a power point presentation. Moreover, I take pleasure in noting that my OJW table clinic was selected for presentation at  the International Meeting of the American Association of Orthodontists  (May 21-24, 2005), in San Francisco. There I  will demonstrate how an orthodontist can transition an overweight patient who has just completed the active phase of  braces into the passive phase of treatment ("retention") using OJW. See the Power Point Presentation   (4Mb)  and see  [See abstract of presentation and information] 

September 22, 2004   Every thing a a dental professional needs to know to provide Orthodontic Jaw Wiring.

September 14, 2004   Orthodontists refer many patients to oral surgeons for the "removal"  (I say "amputation") of wisdom teeth. Consequently, it behooves them to be knowledgeable about Etiology, Prevention and Management of Post Extraction Complications The article was written by Dr. Michael Florman, who was certified in 2004 as a specialist in orthodontics (NYU Post Graduate orthodontic department). Best wishes to Michael you are an asset to our profession. While you are there take the test. This article is a continuing education course that appeared as an insert in Dental Economics, August 2004.

September 11, 2004    This entry commemorates the third anniversary of the  World Trade Center disaster on 9/11 three years ago. I offer
a prayer in memory of the those who died and to those sadly bereaved of their loved ones ;-(   See Memorial:

 The DDS System is much in the limelight these days:  If you want to find a provider in the NYC area just (Click here). You will also see the INFORMED CONSENT that providers have their patients sign.


September 2, 2004     Dr. Rothstein take pleasure in announcing the formation of the DPOJW*, an organization of dentists who are committed to providing orthodontic jaw wiring to those who are overweight or obese and who meet the criteria for being accepted as a patient for this type of control of compulsive overeating. An online course will is being offered free to the first 25 dentists who provide their name, address, telephone and email address.
*Dentist Providers of Orthodontic Jaw Wiring

The reasons why a DDS or  DMD  should or should not consider being a member of the DPOJW [See the reasons].

September 1, 2004   Learn About the DDS System for Weight Loss : This device is custom made by certified dentists     who begin by making a mold of your upper teeth and palate. The dental lab fabricates the device which reminds one a lot of the retainer that many orthodontists give you at the end of treatment to hold your teeth in place. It costs $350-$500. It modifies your eating habits by causing you to eat slower so you feel full sooner, consequently you eat less. Move over OJW (Orthodontic Jaw Wiring) you have company.

August 28, 2004       I was asked by the editor of Orthodontic Product Magazine, Christopher Piehler, to be part of a                      "virtual round table discussion," the results of which, will appear in toto in the publication by December 2004.  Below I  present my final thoughts on the usefulness, delivery of patient care service, and my hopes for OJW as a potentially useful tool that some overweight patients might find appropriate/suitable for their problem.  OJW round table

February 29, 2004      See the poster Dr. Ted created to inform his patients of a new choice IN ADDITION TO INVISALIGN, LINGUAL and CLEAR braces: Here is the big question... Would a would-be adult patient be willing  to pay about $200 more for DAMON (metal showing braces) if they could have their teeth straightened in 25-30 % faster time?? WITH 25%-30% FEWER VISITS?:  See a close up of the DAMON BRACKET

February 29, 2004      Having listened to many lectures and attended many conferences on providing the Invisalign service to our patients, I decided to let the folks in my town (Brooklyn, NY ...population 2,465,326...) that the Invisalign service was firmly rooted in Dr. Ted's practice. The office manager, created this new ad which appeared in the Brooklyn Yellow pages for the first time February 26, 2004.  See the new Yellow pages ad.

January 22, 2004      On January 22, Dr. Ted submitted a proposal to the committee that selects essayists to present papers at the GNYDM (Greater New York Dental Meeting). This meeting convenes December 28-January 2.  READ THE PROPOSAL.

December 13, 2003     
Orthodontic Jaw Wiring is a service I provide.  Providers of the OJW service are rare,    be they orthodontists, dentists or oral surgeons. Never before now has anyone established/created  a protocol for providing this service. Naturally, would-be providers are concerned with legal and liability issues. See The Informed Consent for OJW and the FAQ's. Moreover, some studies would be useful such as the long term effects of limiting the motion of the jaw joints (the "TMJ"). I have had a few OJW patients say that they were first wired by an oral surgeon because of trauma and it was then that they realized the potential of this method to control their weight. The responses I have received from grateful patients reinforces for me that, overall, OJW is a beneficial service although its detractors are rife. Recently, I encouraged a dentist in Colorado to provide the service to his patient, Jay Freeman, instead of having him come to New York and having me do it. The patient wrote the following: (See The Second Forum on the Pros and Cons of OJW: responses to the letter of 9/22/03). The chart entry for a recent patient of my own, AF illustrates the OJW approach. The accompanying photo  documentation illustrates succinctly how OJW is done. The exact sequence of wiring is shown at OJW jaw wiring sequence.

November 2, 2003   Dr. Ted takes pleasure in announcing the introduction to his orthodontic practice of the                       fourth generation of modern treatment orthodontic appliances. It is called the "Damon System". This system makes use of "super-elastic" archwires and self-ligating brackets [See the bracket and how the wire is attached] which can capture the
archwire without any external attachment devices such as "ligature wires" or "elastics" which create massive friction (400-600 times more friction), consequently slowing down enormously the movement of the teeth. The combination of the the super-elastic wires and the "self-ligating" bracket are so effective that they allow the patient to be seen every 8-10 weeks instead of every 4-5 weeks with great accuracy and control of the movement of the teeth. In effect, by making use of such wires and the Damon self-ligating bracket the teeth move more continuously with less discomfort because the forces on them are more gentle.

October 19, 2003  Dr. Seung Ki Min, NYU  Cont. Ed. orthodontic program, 2002,  presented a paper at The 5th Asian-Pacific Cleft Lip and Palate Conference September 29-October 1, 2003,on the Dental and Skeletal Characteristics and Growth in Class III Malocclusion Between Skeletal Ages of 10 an 14. Here is the abstract of that paper:

September 22, 2003 About two year ago I wrote: Letter to Educators, Researchers and Orthodontists recommending establishment of a forum where knowledge regarding OJW for weight loss can be shared. That letter generated:   A Forum for OJW for Weight Loss for those who would like to share their ideas on the pros and cons of OJW for weight loss. On September 22nd, 2003 I published: Orthodontic Jaw wiring for weight loss (OJW): A primer and protocol for orthodontists UPDATED.  Click here to read it.

September 7, 2003 My son Jon is a song writer and singer as well. When he graduated from Middlebury College  in 1993 I asked him to write a song about getting braces. He wrote the "Ballad of Dr. Ted," for which I paid him $100.  I've played it many times in the office for patients who come in for consultation. It tells the classic and joyous story of a young boy who learns that he needs to  have braces. Of course he does the classic thing, he asks the advice of his friends...  who wouldn't?  He ends up following the advice of his best friend "Jason" who changes his life forever by advising him to go to "Dr. Ted...because "Nobody does it better." The Ballad of Dr. Ted.   Although I suppose I am biased :-) I believe this song should be nominated for  The best theme song of the American Association of Orthodontists.

August 30, 2003 Patient's Financial Memo form and Notice of Informed Consent--The two most important forms in our office. 
Every healthcare provider must utilize both these documents. These
forms are essential elements of a vital professional practice. We decided to meld them into a two-sided document for efficiency. This Fin-Mem/Inf-Con memo is reviewed and updated annually for accuracy, content and specific office needs. Along with the Summary of Consultation-Examination these three  documents provide the information that empowers your patients to help finish the treatment that they have contracted for as well as to help  form a mutually cooperative and happy patient-doctor relationship.  I just finished updating these forms: See   SumCon 2006-2007 and  FinMemSumCon2003

August 30, 2003
Wouldn't it be be nice if all the would-be patients that came to my office for a consultation-examination chose me to provide their treatment? When they do not I am always curious to know the reason(s) why in the hope that I can improve the service I provide. As a result I created the following questionnaire: patient questionnaire

February 23, 2003
 Sometimes patients present bite problems that are correctable only by a combination of braces
 and jaw (''orthognathic"/"maxillofacial") surgery. Henry Hatfield required such surgery. In all my
 readings and experience I have read in such detail the total experience of a patient who needed
 to undergo such surgery.  Henry has written his story in "excruciating" detail. His narrative should
 be must-read by every orthodontist whether (s)he is a student in orthodontics or a seasoned
 orthodontist. His story is mandatory as well for those patients who are considering jaw surgery.
 Read Henry's description of his experiences.

I provide my patients with a "Summary of the Consultation" at the conclusion of the 30 minute appointment.
 that I provide. It is a very complete, informative and impressive document. Even the  paper upon which
 it is printed is meant to give a lasting impression about the workmanship done at my office. You must
 never forget above all that at each step of the way your prospective patient should perceive that your
 work/office ranks above all the rest. The fees are presented at the time of the consultation. My fees are shown on the informed consent.  See SumCon 2004-2005

January 6, 2003

November 4, 2002
Dr. Ted (c'est moi) is happy to announce the start of a new orthodontic information page devoted to
teaching the NYU Post Graduate Orthodontic Students, past and present, some of the clinical (diagnosis
and treatment planning) and practice management knowledge that I have learned in the course of practicing
orthodontics for 30 years. Both the office manager and I will issue practical and useful information which we feel would be of use to help an orthodontist run his/her practice. Come see 

October 10, 2002
  It has now been reported to me that at least one patient may have experienced an allergic reaction to the material that the "aligners" are made of (read her letter). (Patients are sometimes allergic to the Nickel in stainless steel braces.) 

March 5, 2002
Dr. Ted offers a special service to carefully selected patients who are good candidates and that is
Jaw Wiring for Weight Loss
. You can see the Directory for that service by clicking [HERE] . You can now also see the letter
I sent to educators researchers, orthodontists, the previous jaw wired patients, friends and family ask them to give
their opinion regarding the efficacy and the providing of this service by would be very surprised
what they had to say. [I want to see the letter] and want to see the responses so far. Would you like to hear how
one patient sounded when she had her jaw wiring done on Feb1, 2002?. The treatment chart of Valerie Freeland (look at the last line).

January 19, 2002
                        The INFORMED CONSENT for Jaw Wiring for Weight Loss 

April 28, 2001
                        Letter from Dr. David Turpin, Editor and Chief of the American Journal of Orthodontics and DentoFacial Orthopedics, indicating the manuscript for Part II (Anterior-Posterior and Vertical Growth) was accepted for publication  in the November 2001 issue of the AJODO.

 Facial Morphology and Growth From 10-14 Years of Age in Children Presenting Class II, Division 1 Malocclusion: A Comparative Roentgenographic Cephalometric Study   (Parts I and II)
Part I: Characteristics of size, form and position
See also:  March 2000, Vol. 117, No. 3,  Pp. 320-332 (User: dr. ted rothstein: password: drted35)
Part I:  Error Correction

Part II: Vertical and Anteroposterior  growth  between the ages of 10 and 14  
See also:   AJO-DO   November 2001, Vol. 120, No. 5, Pp. 542-555
(User: dr. ted rothstein: password: drted35)


Abstract of Dr. Rothstein’s Doctoral Dissertation that appeared in AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS, (December 1971)

Abstract of dissertation that was published as a 15 page article in the AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS and DENTOFACIAL ORTHOPEDICS, (March 2000)

What the abstract says in simple words:

Actually the founding father of orthodontics (Edward Angle, Ca. 1904) strongly believed that when you had a buck-teeth like condition the problem was caused by the lower jaw being small (undergrown) or retruded (shifted backward in position). He thought the upper back teeth never shifted into a forward position. The data in my study (1971, first computerized study with LARGE SAMPLES, GROUPED BY AGE AND SEX) indicated his belief was wrong, and on average the lower jaw of the children with buck-teeth is most often identical in size and position to those children who do not have buck-teeth. In fact, it is the upper jaw and teeth that are forward in position.

Facial Morphology and Growth From 10-14 Years of Age in Children Presenting Class II, Division 1 Malocclusion: A Comparative Roentgenographic Cephalometric Study
Part one of a two part original article published in the AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS AND DENTOFACIAL ORTHOPEDICS March 2000, Vol. 117, No.3 pp. 320-332

Part two of a two part original article published in the AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS AND DENTOFACIAL ORTHOPEDICS November 2001, Vol. 120, No.5 pp. ?-?

The Visual-Dx Composite Cephalometric Standards

  1. The Standard for Females 10 years old 6 mos.
  2. The Standard for Females 12 years old 6 mos.- FREE
  3. The Standard for Females 14 years old 6 mos.
  4. The Standard for Males 10 years old 6 mos.
  5. The Standard for Males 12 years old 6 mos.
  6. The Standard for Males 14 years old 6 mos.

STOP: The "Standard-Tracing Observer Position"

  1. Skeletal Profile Analysis: (A-P position of end points NAS, A, POG or B)
  2. Total Ant. Face Ht.: (Nas-Me)
  3. Dentition-Max.
  4. Dentition-Man.
  5. Mandible
  6. Usefulness of the SD (standard deviation) crosses on each Normal standard
  7. Features of the standards
  8. Preparation of Standard

An Example of an analysis of Anterior Facial Height

How to obtain the FREE standard (Female SA12), ceph analysis sheet, instructions and landmarks


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