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Ted Rothstein DDS PhD
Orthodontics and DentoFacial Orthopedics;
      Cosmetic Braces (Invisalign, Lingual, Clear, iBraces)
Home of Orthodontic Jaw Wiring (OJW)

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Welcome to Dr. Ted's Website! Thanks for stopping by, we know how busy you are. See Braces and Services in a nutshell.

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Me:  I want invisible braces. I have big vanity issues.
Doc:   Then you want "Cosmetic Braces."
Me:  What are they called?
Doc:  Lingual braces, Invisalign and Clear braces, and now
 SmartClip and iBraces.
Me:  How do they differ?   
Doc: Let me tell you. Follow me.

Dr. Ted now has 3 short fun video clips to see.  Click here to take a look.

Henry had jaw (orthognathic) surgery. His pre- and post-op photos lay bare the nitty-gritty details of the whole process.  

When you begin treatment we provide you with an Informed Consent and Financial memo. (SEE THEM)

The common orthodontic problems, the benefits of timely treatment and the "Perfect" bite. In addition, See a "Parents Guide to Detecting Bite Problems"...five pages of significant information and simple diagrams for concerned parents. Finally, straight from the mouth of the American Association of Orthodontists the problems that are easy to identify in a 7 year old.

Would you like to know exactly what Dr. Ted means by QUALITY CARE?

Want to fulfill that longing for braces that look and feel real but can be removed?

Have any questions regarding Jaw Wiring for Weight Loss?

Learn more about Invisalign You become attached to them because they are not attached to voila no brackets no wire and Invisible: the "no-braces" braces. Let Dr. Ted serve you up an alignment.

Is your mate's snoring finally getting to you? Is the living room sofa your next refuge? Learn about the diagnosis and treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Dr. Ted's Doctoral dissertation written in 1971 was published in his professional journal in November 2001. It is a great honor. Want  to know what his contribution is? Click here.

November issue of  AJODO, 2001: Part II: Growth from 10-14:  an original scientific article by Dr. Ted Rothstein :-)  

Guest Appearance on BCAT interview Show: Small Claims Court

Download the free Small Claims Court forms for NYC's 5 courts

Read the article on Small Claims Court that I wrote for the American Journal of Orthodontics in March of '99.

Going to Small Claims Court? Chapter 5:  Surprises

How to file an Income Execution after you won a judgment in Small Claims Court. (Garnishee wages)

Learn the nitty-gritty of how to file a Subpoena for records in Small Claims Court and after you win the judgment obtain the information you need to find the judgment debtor's assets by filing a Subpoena for Information

Mayor Michael Bloomberg meets Dr. Ted  in B'klyn Heights     (Photo)     (Story)

Dr. Ted's Business Card       

 718 852 1551


35 Remsen St, 
Brooklyn, NY 11201 (MAP)

Three part film series (YouTube) showing Dr. Ted having a tooth removed and a bone graft in
in preparation for getting an implant: Part 1    Part 2      Part 3



Learn about TMJ then call for appointment today. We might have a solution you haven't tried yet.


Dr. Ted,  NYU Post Graduate Ortho. Dept. '73, writes OTW (Over the Wires), a newsletter, in which he shares his knowledge with the staff and Post Grad orthodontic students. (Read Over the Wires),  (OTW Archives)


Airing on YouTube: Placing an archwire on SmartClip braces: Just go "click-click"


The Surprise: A YouTube promo film for Dr.Ted Presents:


Dr. Ted presented his work on OJW at the meeting of the American Association of Orthodontists in Washington, DC May 3, 2010  SEE POWERPOINT

Formation and publication of second opinion orthodontist


080808:Two new 10-minute  YouTube videos on Jaw Wiring


May 12, 2008: The unknown can be very frightening. See Dr. Ted's new YouTube film revealing in living vivid detailed color how he removes your braces. and in production "Placing Braces"


iBraces and SmartClip new in Dr.Ted's office

We're a train ride away. Click here for directions and here To arrange a Consultation.

Orthodontic Jaw Wiring  (OJW) for the Control of Overweight may one day save someone's life: Unlike Bariatric surgery where 1/300 die, the mortality rate of OJW is zero See the table clinic I presented on the subject   and the table clinic I presented in Las Vegas May 2006

See me and the staff doing our act at the Atlantic Antic 2006

Check out Braces Review and Discuss Braces With Others


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