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I provide my patients with a "Summary of the Consultation" at the conclusion of the 30 minute appointment.
                        that I provide. It is a very complete, informative and impressive document. Even the  paper upon which
                        it is printed is meant to give a lasting impression about the workmanship done at my office. You must
                        never forget above all that at each step of the way your prospective patient should perceive that your
                        work/office ranks above all the rest. The fees are presented at the time of the consultation. You can see how I have integrated lingual braces (as well as Invisalign) in to the summary

The Official List of Doctors of ALOA Who Provide Expertise in Orthodontic Treatment with Lingual Braces (American Lingual Orthodontic Association)


See also "COSMETIC BRACES":  Photos of clear (transparent), Invisalign and lingual braces and the advantages and disadvantages of each

Judy G: 14 year old with Lingual Braces

Shelly Smith, Model. Contact Company Management

How Lingual Braces are prepared for bonding to the teeth

Direct View-Close up of Lingual braces on upper and lower teeth with wires

http://www.lingualtechnik.de/english/morph.html  if you would like to see 5 different avi
morphing films of cases from start to finish done with lingual braces.

http://www.orthoforum.com/special/lingual/lingual.htm  Here is where to go to
see a compendium of articles about lingual braces on the web.  The articles  below written by some of my patients, who were treated with lingual braces, and published in my office news letter "Over the Wires," are published again at that site as well. You can read the letters right here. 

Dr. Didier Fillion  treats  everyone of his adult patients with lingual braces only. He is recognized as the foremost leader in this specialty area of orthodontics. He practices in Paris and London and teaches orthodontists, worldwide, the magic of lingual braces.  If you go to his website you can view an MPEG and VIVO and streaming ASA audio visual about Dr. Fillion, his practice and philosophy:
http://www.drfillion.com  Then click on "Dr. Fillion's Press Book" and then click on "View Dr. Fillion's latest UK TV interview". I visited his office in Paris on 9/20/2000. The office is about a 10 minutes walk from the Eiffel Tower. If you want to Email him: smile@drfillion.com. I left him three of my "Nobody does it better" T shirts, which I present to all of my lingual braces patients. As I left, his staff was distributing the T shirts with much gusto and smiling.  So Didier, thank you and your nice staff it was very nice to visit your office.


by Pat Sones: Location manager movies and television -- New York, NY

Braces on: April 2001--Braces off: December 2002

     I, Pat Weber Sones, am a recent graduate student of Dr. Ted Rothstein and his School of Smile.  I couldn’t be happier to have completed this regimen, and let me tell you, it was a long time coming.

  Unlike the majority of Dr. Ted’s patients, I’m at least several decades older than the average braces-wearer.  Although I wanted nothing more than straight teeth, I struggled for many years with the decision.  When I had enough money I would procrastinate about committing and then would moan and groan when I was too broke to seriously make any move.

     Finally, my stars and moon converged; I screwed my courage to the sticking post, plunked down the whole amount at once and found myself with a mouthful of lingual upper and regular lower braces.  Wow, I did it!

     Probably my most difficult time was pretty early on.  The first day I was ecstatic.  I of course had to adjust to having all this metal and materials on the back of my teeth, rubbing against my cheeks, with my tongue in constant motion trying to figure out what the heck was going on.  But the thrill of having made the plunge outweighed those small details – until about the third day.  Then I started thinking, how can I handle this for 2 years?  I’ll go crazy.  Yikes! 

     So I worked on thinking about how good it would feel when I finished.  I found it very helpful to remember there would be and end to the process.  I thought about other events that had taken a course of time to accomplish and equated my orthodontic treatment with those experiences.  I also stayed on schedule to the greatest degree possible, because I had learned from talking to other people that sticking to my scheduled appointments was a critical element in ending the term of treatment on time.  Taking a long process and segmenting it into regular intervals helped the time to fly by.  And to manage the discomfort of the lingual braces I became a walking advertisement for dental wax.  I didn’t deny myself this luxury at all.

     Therefore, the process of being in treatment was very positive for me.  I looked forward to my appointments, since I was getting fantastic care and attention from Dr. Ted.  His understanding and encouragement were as much a part of the course of treatment as the adjustments and changes to the wires were.  I felt I could always discuss my reactions and concerns with Ted and get direct, forthright answers.  I definitely felt I was in a partnership, and having a partner like Dr. Ted that you can you trust and rely on in such an important personal endeavor is a very big plus.

     Everyone working in the office got to know me throughout my 1 years of treatment, and I came to feel like a part of the team.  And actually, we clients are on the team while we’re in treatment.  It’s a great microcosm for how we absorb and deal with other aspects of life.  Our own behavior and commitment in life dictate whether our experiences will be either positive or negative, and having one’s teeth straightened is no exception. And there’s no better support system for success than Dr. Ted Rothstein’s office.  So special thanks go to  Brian, Deanna and all of the fabulous staff at 35 Remsen Street.

     My personal experience throughout the last year and a half was a fantastic unfolding of realizing a life-long dream, and feeling great that I made a commitment to myself.  That was a genuine accomplishment for me.  I am very thankful to Ted for his beautiful work, his beautiful spirit and his profound friendship during this wonderful journey.

     So, if you’re still wondering if you really should take the step of orthodontic treatment, let me say emphatically you really should!  Do something incredibly positive that is just for you.  Because most people didn’t quite understand why I had braces, especially at my age.  (Of course, my mother was thrilled.)  Also, most people didn’t notice when the braces came off.  (Happily, my wonderful husband Lou noticed immediately).  So the person who will be most affected, most changed and most pleased will be you.  And who deserves it more?  Go ahead, treat yourself.

My Experience with Lingual Braces

by "Mia Fine" -- New York, NY

Lingual Braces From Dr. Ted’s Point of View 

Lingual Braces: The Price Was Right and My Spouse Was Even More Tender and Loving

by Frances Zeman

The Answer to My Dreams: Lingual Braces!

by Eileen Campbell

The Facts Behind the Teeth

by Sidney Leonidas  

My Lingual Braces Experience

by Margaret Dourigan Margaret Dourigan

The Inside Scoop on Lingual Braces

by Ken Sylvester

Experiences of a Lingual Braces Wearer

by Christopher Daniel Fowler

Invisible Braces? Impossible Said the Doctor, They Don’t Work.!

by Pat Dourigan

My ‘Lingual Braces Doctor’ Has Great Bedside Manner!

by Linda Dilandro

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