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Special Services Brooklyn Orthodontist Ted Rothstein

    * From time to time I am contacted by folks who wish to have braces put on their teeth
     not because they really need them, but because it satisfies some long unfulfilled desire
    or longing or attachment to or for some loved person or object. You can call call them
    "removable braces," "costume,"  "prosthetic," and even "Hollywood or cinematic"
because they are made for actors who need to simulate the orthodontic look.
    Remember Eddie Murphy in Bowfinger?  In fact, I have three to show my patients what
    braces use to look like (train tracks look) and what they look like now. These prosthetic
    braces LOOK and FEEL  REAL and they are removable, but they do not/cannot move you teeth.
    [I want to see the Braces are Beautiful removable orthodontic appliance.]

** Snap on Smile: For some, having straight teeth in a few weeks rather than suffering through a tedious and costly course of
                            orthodontic treatment often taking 16-24 months, is the only way to go. 
Snap on Smile introduced in 2005 by Trident Dental Laboratories
                            is becoming the hottest product that has come over the dental horizon in the last five years. When my dentist-orthodontist friend snapped on
snap on smile my heart skipped a beat. I knew at that moment I would be remiss that if I did not add this removable cosmetic smile device
                            into the services I provide I would be doing my patients and myself a disservice.   [Learn about
Snap on Smile]

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