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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. **How much does an orthodontic consultation cost? (ARRANGE FOR CONSULTATION EXAM)

2. How do I choose an orthodontist?

3. How much do braces cost?

4. Are there a variety of payment methods?

5. Will my health insurance cover the cost of braces?

6. What are "clear" braces? Are they more expensive?

7. What are "lingual" braces? Are they more expensive?

7A.  What are "Invisalign" braces?

7B.  I'm thoroughly confused! There seem to be so many kinds of braces now. How do I choose?

8. How long does orthodontic treatment take?

9. Can I go directly to an orthodontist, or does the dentist have to send me?

10. How do I know if I really need braces?

11. What is an "Informed Consent" document?


Less Frequently Asked

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11. How do braces work? How do braces move the teeth?

12. Will I need to have any permanent teeth removed when I get braces?

13. If I do need to have teeth removed when do they have to be removed?

14. How long does it take to glue on(bond) the braces and remove (de-bond) them?

15. Does it interfere with intimate acts like kissing?

16. Is it harder to take care of your teeth when you are wearing braces?

17. Do braces harm your teeth or gums?

18. What is a "retainer"?

18A. Why do teeth get crooked again after the braces are removed?

19. Will I have to have my wisdom teeth removed for the treatment?


Occasionally Asked Questions

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20. Does it hurt when you bond (glue) the braces on or take them off?

21. Aren’t the braces really ugly?

22. How do I know if I am too old for braces?

23. Is it true when the braces are removed the teeth get crooked again?

24. Do I need to have surgery on my jaw bones?

25. Does it hurt at the time teeth are removed or in the days that follow?

26. What is "TMJ"?

27. Could I lock braces if I kissed another person with braces?

28. Will I be able to floss my teeth after the braces are put on?


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The Orthodontic Glossary of the American Association of Orthodontists